5 Office Cleaning Tricks Every Clean Freak Needs To Know

As they say, the cleanest is not the one who cleans the most, but the one that dirties the least. The clean freaks out there may be those that least dirty their desk, and are thus, the cleanest, but even if they’re putting forth their best effort, it’s got to get cleaned every once in a while.

Here are five cleaning tips for all you clean freaks (well, and all you non clean freaks, too. You need to clean occasionally, as well!)

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In order to get your desk actually clean and disinfected, you have to clean all of it. Taking everything off of the desk first – the mouse, computer, reports, paperwork, pens and those pictures of your girlfriend or grandmother. Everything has to be off. If it takes someone to help you, then ask. Return the favor when they need it.

Working together will get everything done faster and help avoid any problems (like dropping a monitor or breaking your back trying to move the filing cabinet).

And, if you’re all really lazy or the office needs a very deep clean, you could consider convincing the boss to hire someone that offers cleaning services in London, or wherever your office is located, to come help out and do a professional clean.

Go in order

The highest places should be cleaned first – the ceiling, walls, windows, and then the furniture. Why? Because the dust and dirt will fall and cover everything below. If you clean your desk, and then the ceiling… chances are you’ll have to clean the desk again.

Start high and work lower and lower until you end with a nice sweep, mop, or vacuum job.

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Cleaning Electronics

Whenever you clean electronics, like the computer, for example, it should be done with a microfiber cloth that is slightly humid with a soap and water solution. The soap should be neutral.

They should never be directly dusted, and should be disconnected or unplugged and the battery taken out.

If you happen to be using a CRT monitor, which are now considered to be out of date (but hey, some of you out there still have them), make sure to clean using something with an alcohol base and never use cleaning product poured directly on the machine – on a cloth first.

LCD monitors are delicate and if you use a dry cloth, you could scratch it. Look for special screen cleaning products to be sure you won’t do them any damage.

Disinfecting phones

A lot of sicknesses and colds are passed around on the phone. People’s mouths are in close proximity to the microphone, thus, can carry a lot of germs. This means that it’s important to disinfect it. Maybe you hadn’t ever thought of that, but you’ll remember it from now on!

Furniture with Fabric

It’s a little more complicated to clean chairs, sofas, and other furniture that has a textile covering. They tend to get very dirty and to retain dust and dirt, which makes it difficult to clean with good results.

A good place to start would be to vacuum them daily. Every once in a while, you can try cleaning with a shampoo. It’s important not to get it too wet, as the dirt inside can rise to the surface and create more stains.

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