6 Most Common Flags That People Put Outside Their Homes And Why

People hoist flags outside their homes not only as a symbol but also as a means of communication to the rest of the world!

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A flag can allow others to better understand the stance and opinions of the one hoisting it. For instance, a red flag can symbolize love but it can also symbolize danger or even communism. Most flags are open to interpretation but there are certain flags whose meanings have been commonly accepted. It is noteworthy that other than hoisting their nation’s flag, people have begun to fly several flags that have different meanings as well. In this article, we’re going to be taking a look at some of the most common flags along with the reasons for putting these outside the houses.

1. Military Flags

Military flags are used to demonstrate support to the servicemen and the various armed forces including the Coast Guard, Marines, Air Force, Navy, and Army. Commonly, these are found outside the homes of people whose family members have served in the military or continue to do so. 

2. Trump Flags

As the name suggests, Trump flags symbolize the owner being in support of the ex-American President Donald Trump. Not only do these flags portray their loyalty to him but also show that they believe in him as their leader. While some of these flags have statements like “Jesus is my Savior. Trump is my President.”, others simply have the American flag with “Keep America Great: Trump 2024”. 

3. Rebel Lives Matter Flags

The confederate flags or rebel lives matter flags are majorly flown outside houses to show the resident is a proud rebel. Considering the conflict that caused damage to the Southern Heritage including the demolishing of statues, these flags are raised to show that the people are proud of their heritage. 

4. Religious Flags

Everyone holds differing religious beliefs and to show their faith to the rest of the world, many people hoist flags depicting their religion. Even the people behind Ultimate Flags suggest that these flags are some of the most popular ones amongst people. Further, hanging religious flags not only shows that someone belongs to a certain community of people but also that they share the same beliefs with others of the same religion.  

5. Tibetan Prayer Flags

Commonly seen in different colors, the Tibetan prayer flags are utilized as a symbol of wisdom, strength, compassion, and peace. It’s believed that the wind will blow the mantras and thus, spread goodwill. 

6. Peace Flags

While peace flags can be plain white in color, they can also consist of a painting of a dove or any other symbol of peace. These flags show the willingness of the family to uphold peace in all kinds of situations. 

Flags demonstrate that we are a part of a nation, organization, community, or any other larger group. They also symbolize the fact that we share rules, goals, and beliefs with others. For this reason, people tend to put flags outside their homes to demonstrate what their values are. In this article, we discussed some of the most common flags used all around the world and the reasons for using them which will help you better understand why someone has a flag outside their house the next time you see one.