Innovative Ideas To Upgrade Your Room And Make It More Relaxing And Appealing

When it comes to giving a room in your home a bit of a lift, it can seem like there are endless options!

Photos By: Unsplash

There are, of course, but not all these options take into consideration how it feels to be in space. Sometimes something looks unbelievably cool in a magazine, but once you model your room after it, you discover with dismay that no one likes using that room, not even the cat. The following will explore some innovative approaches to decor that keep the feeling of a room front and center in the decision-making. The goal here is to cultivate an atmosphere that is relaxing and welcoming.

A Splash Of Green

House plants do require the occasional watering, it’s true. They also need to be placed somewhere where they get enough sunlight to thrive. This being said, the little bit of work you’re required to do to keep them living is nothing compared to the impact they have on your space. Plants not only look lively and add energy to a room, but they also literally clean the air; humans breathe in oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide, plants breathe this carbon dioxide in and breathe out oxygen, and while they’re at it, they purify the air of a plethora of toxins that come from our lifestyles. The result is that the air quality is better, and people feel more relaxed, less depressed, more focused, more creative, and more productive. 

Understand The Impact Of Color

Put all the trends aside for a moment when thinking about color and look at what the research says. Surrounding yourself with different colors results in alterations in your mental state. White invokes feelings of peacefulness, cleanliness, innocence, and emptiness. Blue creates the emotion of stability and calm but also sadness. Green cultivates a sense of safety and luck. Orange brings forward energy, happiness, enthusiasm, and attention. Suddenly you can see how important your color choices are.

Choosing color is one stage of decor that should never be sped through. Think about what the space is for (relaxation, creativity, family time) and use this information to find the perfect color to paint your room; you might even want to get the whole household on board with this process. How do the kids want to feel when they’re at home? How about your partner or roommates?

Lighting Is King

There’s a reason everything in a movie—even that grungy punk rock bar bathroom—looks better on the screen than in real life. Cinematographers are masters at understanding how light works within a space. The first step towards using light to your benefit in home decor is to maximize the natural lighting available. This means having window fixings that allow light in during the day and might even involve placing a mirror opposite a large window to fill the space with bright, vitamin-d-filled natural lighting. It turns out that natural lighting has a whole host of positive benefits to your health and mental state. Secondly, it’s going to involve going through the house and replacing all the bulbs that are old and faded, stained, or just icky. Over time bulbs lose some of their glow, and whether or not your notice it, lightbulbs come in a variety of light shades. If you take the time to find one you like and fill your home with it, you’ll be amazed at how welcoming the space feels all of a sudden. 

Think About Maintenance

No one seems to emphasize this point when they’re giving decor advice, but it is absolutely crucial: select things that are easy to maintain. If you’ve got a dog with white fur, don’t get a black sofa. The hours of your life that will be pulled away from your already busy schedule constantly clearing the couch of fur can be avoided. Likewise, if you’ve got young children, you might want to skip over the white carpeting. You’re not going to love it as much after you’ve scrubbed melted crayon out of it for the third time this week. Be honest with yourself about how your household will use something and don’t get it if it’s going to become a big headache. Part of an inviting space is knowing you can come home from work, collapse on a big comfy couch and not have to do anything; try to select things that won’t add too many tasks to your to-do lists.

The above tips and tricks can help you completely upgrade any room. Pretty soon, your place will be the one that no one wants to leave.