How to Easily Change Your Interior Design for Better

Interior design is a reflection of your sensibilities and taste. It’s one of the few things that says volumes about you without you having to speak a word!

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Once somebody sees the interior of your home, they’ll immediately know the kind of attention to detail you put into the things that you care about. That’s huge. But sometimes styles wane and seasons change. At a certain point, you’ve got to change it up. When this time comes around, you can either haul everything to Goodwill and start from scratch (there are cases like this), or you can put a few good detail changes in place and bring out a massive pop by tweaking some key things. Here’s how you can do it. 

Fresh Paint 

The biggest thing you can do to a room, short of overhauling the furniture is to paint it a new color. Giving that room a completely new character by adding a fresh coat of paint is so simple, yet so effective. You can keep the themes you already have in place, too. Color is the context for which the players in your design can present itself. If they’ve been on the stage of greens for a decade, maybe earthier tones or a warm cream might change the mood. The kind of paint you use matters, as well. There’s a series, the Marquee Behr, an interior eggshell enamel, that delivers what it promises. That kind of pigment is a higher-end product. If that’s the kind of detail you want in your home, that class of paint is what you should aim for. After all, it’s going to last you years.

Play With Lighting 

Playing with light sources is traditionally an artist’s playground as a proof of concept. You can apply this kind of artistry in your living space quite easily. Drapes and other window treatments come in and out of style, but most people put them in for privacy. Swap them out or completely change them. Find ways to bring in the light and manipulate its intensity through new, thoughtful means. Whether it be a transition film, you have installed or rearranged furniture to match when an area comes in contact with light, playing with that natural source is a fun way to experiment with your interiors. 

Add Art 

Those who are fans of interior design are inadvertently fans of art in general. When we talk in design circles, there’s always mention of bare walls. A bare wall is such a waste of good real estate. You might as well fill it with something beautiful. Invest in originals and prints from your favorite artists. Or you can find a tremendous classic. There are sketches made by Pablo Picasso that are surprisingly affordable. Other massively prolific artists have volumes of work that you can buy in auction or online from a reputable collector. Suppose it appreciates, even better. Do it for the walls, but as an investment, it also bears considering. 

Simple changes in your interior design are as simple as adding, subtracting, and re-painting. There are so many combinations you can work with. The feeling of a blank canvas can be overwhelming sometimes. But with a bit of focus and some premier paint cans, you can turn any room brand new.

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