4 Common Reasons your Dryer isn’t Working Properly

Here are some good reasons why your dryer won’t dry your clothes!

Photos By: Unsplash

There’s nothing more frustrating than having a basket full of wet clothes that you just can’t dry. If your dryer isn’t turning on or leaves your clothes feeling damp, you might be tempted to replace it with a new one. But some common dryer problems can easily be fixed with a little bit of know-how, so before you get your credit card out, take a look at these 5 reasons why your machine might not be performing at its best. Don’t worry, you don’t need to know how your dryer control panel works or what kind of motor your machine needs – we’ll make these quick fixes as user-friendly as we can.

1. User Error

This might seem like an obvious one, but one of the most common reasons for dryers not working is because the person operating them has made a basic blunder. Before reaching for your tool kit, make sure your machine is plugged in and check that the door is completely closed. Sometimes restarting your machine is all it takes for it to get back into gear. If the machine seems fine, check your plug socket to see if it will power other appliances, as sometimes there could be something wrong with your wiring rather than your dryer.

2. Clogged Filter

If your dryer’s filter is clogged then your machine can’t effectively blow hot air over your clothes. This means that your laundry could be taking longer than usual to dry even though you’re running longer cycles. While nobody likes to clean out the lint from their machine, it takes just a few minutes and could help your dryer to work much more quickly. Remember, it’s easier to clean your filter when you’ve given the lint time to dry out.

3. Not enough ventilation

Have you recently moved house or redecorated? Your new space for your dryer might not be as good as you imagined. While you could be wondering if your machine got damaged in the move, your problem is more likely to be not having enough ventilation for your dryer to work properly. Lots of people try to keep their dryers in small corners to keep them out of the way, but putting your machine in a cupboard can mean air won’t be able to circulate. Try to install your dryer somewhere that allows for around three inches of space around it.

4. Faulty Thermostat 

One of the reasons your dryer might not be heating up is because of a broken thermostat. To repair the thermostat, you’ll need a professional, which can still work out cheaper than buying a new machine. But you want to be sure there is something seriously wrong with your machine before calling someone out. If you’ve tried cleaning out your filters and know the machine is plugged in, run your dryer for a few minutes and then check to see if you can feel any heat. If the dryer is cold, there’s a good chance your thermostat is to blame.