How to Choose the Right Home Water Filtration System

A water filter is an essential addition to your home, especially, if any of your family members suffer from a weak or compromised immune system!

Installing a filtration system would be the best thing to do in order to protect them from the health risks associated with unfiltered water. There are many things to consider choosing the right water filtration system for your home. If you’re thinking about getting one, you’ve come to the right place. This article will tell you everything you need to know about choosing the right water filtration system that can cater to your needs.

Take A Look At What’s In Your Water

In order to choose the most effective and suitable water filter for your home, you need to know what is in the water that runs through your household. You’re more likely to choose an appropriate filtration system when you know what type of chemicals go into the water you have at home. You can simply do that by having the municipal inform you of the chemical makeup of your water regularly if you live on municipal water. If you live on well water, you need to have it examined for bacteria and microorganisms or gauge its composition using a testing kit to find out its chemical components. Once you gain enough information about the chemicals in your home water, it will be a lot easier to make up your mind on which water filtration system you need to install.

Determine Your Water Consumption 

You should calculate your household’s water consumption after you get the results of your test. Think about the personal consumption of every member of your family and calculate how much filtered water your house needs. Maybe you only need filtered water for drinking, or maybe you need to purify all the water entering your home. Your needs will help you decide whether you should install the water filter at the point of entry or at the point of use. The Austin-based specialists at explain that you can either install a stand-alone, point-of-use water filter, or a whole water filtration system installed at the initial point where the water goes into your home. Most people would just filter the water at its initial point from where it enters in order to have clean water that is ready for use throughout the whole house.

How Many People Are In Your House?

Many water filters and filtration systems are sized depending on the average water consumption of certain households per day. You need to find out how much water is consumed in your house per day. To make this easier to calculate, you can start by determining the number of people living in your household. Then, it should be easy to estimate your household’s total daily water usage and how much-filtered water you’re going to need. Knowing what your water needs are will help you figure out the size of the filtration system you need for your house.

How Many Bathrooms Do You Have? 

Sometimes, the size of water treatment systems depends on the maximum water flow rate through your house. People tend to use a higher water flow rate in the morning. They need it for their showers, dishwashers, toilets, and maybe their washing machines as they start handling their responsibilities at the beginning of the day. These times, such as the morning for most households, witness the peak usage of water. This usage increases depending on the number of bathrooms you have at home, which will eventually help you decide on the size of the water filtration system you wish to install.


Many people care about device maintenance and how complicated the process is more than they care about the product itself. It makes sense since frequent maintenance can cost you more than the actual price of the device. Make sure you talk to your water filter manufacturer before purchasing your filtration system to find out how long it would take to replace the water cartridge. You should also make sure you follow the manufacturer’s instructions precisely when it comes to the use and maintenance of your filtration system.

A water filtration system is essential for the safety and health of everyone living under your roof. To choose the best water filter, you need to test the chemical composition of the water that flows through your pipes. You also need to consider the number of people sharing your water supply and the number of bathrooms you have at home to decide on the size of filtration device you should install as per your requirements.