Amazing Bathroom Design Ideas That You Will Love

Above anything else, your bathroom needs to be clean and tidy. However, it doesn’t need to be purely functional, especially if you adore a lovely atmosphere for mirror selfies or bubble baths!

Photos By: Unsplash

There are plenty of ways you can elevate your bathroom, even if it’s small. It all depends on getting creative with what you have. Remember, upgrading your bathroom adds more value to your home. This means you’ll recover a considerable portion of costs when you decide to sell your home down the road. Shockingly, it could be as much as 100%! To help spark some interior beauty in your bathroom, check out these bathroom ideas that will transform your bathroom into a spa-level relaxation room.

1. Add Some Shutters

In recent years, window shutters have become a popular addition to many people’s homes. Since they’re made from wood, many people are quick to assume that they’re not ideal for bathrooms. Ideally, wood is prone to damage in humid and moist environments. So yes, you’re right in thinking that normal shatters aren’t ideal for your bathroom. As can be seen here, some manufacturers now offer a waterproof range ideal for bathrooms and high-moisture environments. Once you experience a bathroom with shutters, you’ll wonder why you never had them in the first place.

2. Upgrade Fixtures

Consider the small details. You can upgrade sink faucets, light fixtures, towel racks all for a budget-friendly cost. Sometimes, these items may seem insignificant. However, upgrading them can bring a huge difference in your bathroom’s look. Some of the items may be costly, but you can always find ways to recreate the look for less. You don’t always have to buy new racks from a home improvement store. Consider getting used towel racks that are in good condition for a relatively low price.

3. Paint the Walls with a Different Shade

There are cheaper and easy ways to upgrade a space than by giving it a new paint coat. Go for neutral colors. Or better yet, consider softer shades. They’re an ideal space-enhancing choice for a small bathroom. If you’re looking for a trendy bathroom update, how about you try a rosy hue? Doesn’t it sound like it? A shade of pink will also do the work. It creates a sense of calm and relaxation in your space.

4. Add an (Elegant) Seat

Sure, it sounds strange having a seat in your bathroom. But, we don’t mean trying to fit a whole sofa in your space. If you have more space in your bathroom, add an elegant chair. Go for a lightweight acrylic chair. It can serve both as a seat and towel storage when you don’t have enough room to store your towels. “When adding a chair, try and make it look deliberate. Don’t overdo it as it may change the entire look,” explains Ili Hidalgo-Nilsson, Principal architect and interior designer, Terracotta Design Build based in the US.

5. Wall Art

There’s no reason to stare at blank walls in your bathroom. Consider getting some treated canvas prints that are waterproof and budget-friendly. If possible, go for an oversized print to get the best visual effect. If you want a unique look, have a local printer sketch your favorite photo into customized wall art. Nowadays, some printers are tailored to create canvas prints and even laminate them for moisture resistance.

6. Mirror on the Wall!

Mirrors create a visual appeal. They’re ideal when trying to make an open space. Go for the largest mirror that will work in your bathroom. Consider removing your medicine cabinet as most of them are pretty small. Instead, replace it with a large mirror and find other areas to use for storage. Depending on your bathroom size, feel free to add two or three mirrors. But don’t overdo it! With bathroom mirrors, your mirror selfie game just got better.

7. Bathroom Wallpaper

Wallpaper and bathrooms? Surely that’s an imperfect combination? However, it can work efficiently if you’re careful when choosing and hanging your wallpaper. First, avoid hanging wallpaper near a place where it will come in contact with water. If you’re going to use wallpaper, you need to ensure your bathroom is well-ventilated. If it’s not, stick to wallpaper made explicitly for bathrooms. Otherwise, you can use any wallpaper you like. Just ensure you use strong wallpaper adhesive. Additionally, a layer of varnish will help protect it further.

The first rule before you can take on a new bathroom idea is to assess your budget. This way, you’re able to plan accordingly for what you want. If you’re renovating your bathroom on a budget, try to salvage the little you can from a design. This can potentially save you money in replacing items that are serviceable but only need a little TLC. Over to you!