6 Signs That It’s Time To Replace Your Toilet

You wouldn’t think about it but even toilets have a lifespan. Here is why and when you should consider replacing one!

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Toilets are one of the most used units of your home. Typically, a toilet has a lifespan of 10-15 years and it endures a lot during that time. However, if you’re constantly troubled by toilet issues, it’s better to get it replaced entirely! It’s best to pay for a new installation, than to constantly worry about getting it fixed. We’ve mentioned 6 warning signs which determine if it’s time to install a new toilet.

1. Constant Repairs

If you frequently find yourself in a pitiful situation you should consider getting your toilet repaired. Recurring issues with your toilet can be annoying. They are harmful to your family health as well. It can also lead to more issues and costs in the long-run. You can save some of that money by installing a new toilet instead of getting it fixed throughout the year.

2. Constantly Running And Leaking Flush Tank

One of the most common issues you might face with a damaged toilet is constant running and leaking. This can be a sign of an interior damage to a part of the toilet. However, some damaged toilets might stop running after a flush, you need to be wary of that. It’s still a sign of damage and water waste. Due to this, you might also notice leakage in the toilet’s flush tank. Getting your toilet repaired is only a temporary fix, you should install a new one to prevent this issue.

3. Problem With Flushing, Clogged Or Overflowed Toilet

Clogged toilets are very common, a plunger might help with the issue. But recurring clogs mean something is wrong and you should get it inspected by a professional. If you also have trouble flushing or constant overflowing of the toilet, it points to low water levels due to clogged pipes and outdated toilet hardware. Replacing your toilet entirely will ensure cleaner pipes and properly functioning hardware.

4. Cracks In The Tank Or Bowl

If you notice a puddle of water every time you use the toilet, there’s a high chance that it’s not a simple leak. There can be cracks in the bowl or the tank. To determine if that’s the case, you can use color dye and put it in the tank (or bowl) and check if it reaches the floor. Your toilet might be functioning properly irrespective of the cracks, but it can waste a lot of water and damage the toilet floor over time. You should hire a plumber to fix the issue or get a new toilet to prevent any further damage.

5. Unstable Toilet

If you start noticing that your toilet has become wobbly and unstable, hire a plumber to make sure all parts are secured. You don’t want any injuries. If the problem continues, the root cause might be the floor underneath your toilet. Constant leaking can cause the floor to turn damp and rot which results in an unsuitable surface for your toiled to rest upon. Getting it diagnosed by a plumber can become costly. In this situation, it’s better to install a new toilet to make sure leaking doesn’t continue.

6. High Water Bill

Damaged (or old) toilets have to work harder to finish their jobs. So, they use more water. If you’ve noticed that your water bill is high lately, get your toilet inspected. However, installing a new toilet can help you save money on your water bill.

If you observe any of these signs, then you should consult a plumber. Please keep in mind that installing a new toilet will help you save money, protect your family and provide additional value to your bathroom.

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