Bring Your Carpets Back to Life with These Hacks

Make your carpets look like brand new with some of these easy carpet hacks!

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It is not news that our carpets and rugs lose their color and vividity over time. From a mixture of dirt and dust infiltrating along with sun exposure bleaching the glorious tones, it can be hard to figure out what to do in order to reverse these types of things. Do not worry yourself, for we have a handy list of things to try in order to bring your carpets and rugs back to their former glory! Honorary housekeepers stay tuned, for we are here to alleviate the stress and worry about giving those weathered carpets some well-deserved TLC!

Ice Cube for Dents

No, not the rapper, but if you want to listen to some of his music while going about your task, we cannot say otherwise! If you are finding that you have indents in your carpets and rugs from where furniture has been sat for a long time, this is a handy trick to try that not many are aware of. Get an ice cube from the freezer, and let the hard work commence. Rub the ice cube on the area in question or leave the ice cube there to melt. As the cube melts, it will make the carpet fibers gradually expand, bringing them back to their former glory in almost an instant! Don’t forget to mop up any excess water; you don’t want it seeping deep into your carpet or rug and causing chaos.

Consider Deep Cleaning

Moved the furniture and now need to deep clean the carpets? While it may appear to be a monumental task at first, this is something which can also be completed in a simple and easy way. If you are finding that you don’t have the time nor the resources to attempt a deep clean yourself, or if you don’t want to risk damaging the carpet or rugs, consider hiring a professional carpet cleaning service, like that of Middleton MA Carpet Cleaning. Treating your home and its contents like it were their own, companies like this will leave your carpets and rugs looking like the day you got them. This is a great tip to try for those with busy lifestyles, or for those who have tried everything else and are running out of ideas.

Scrub with Salt for Colors

If you are finding that the problem you are faced with, is a faded color within a carpet or rug, this trick is the best way to go! Another lesser-known trick for the home, but one that works well. This requires a bit more work than the previous ice-cube suggestion, so be ready to get down and scrub those rugs homebody! Simply get a cloth that has been soaked in salt water and then wrung out and scrub the areas which are looking a little dull. Soon enough, the colors will begin to shine brightly once more. This is also a great thing to try if you want to get the children involved! Give them a small cloth and a small area of the carpet and watch them go. Naturally, due to the use of salt water – which you don’t want ingested – supervision is always advised.

Fabric Softener to Soften Those Shocks

I am certain that at some point we have all experienced an electric shock from the carpet or rug in our home. How do they do it, I often ask. If you are finding that this is becoming a more regular occurrence than you would prefer, we also have a helpful tip for tackling that too! Mix three cups of water and half a cup of softener and put it in a spray bottle. After a good shake, get spraying! The mixture will provide a ‘cover’ of sorts on your carpet and rugs, preventing any shocks. Not to mention, leaving them smelling divine!

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