Calling the Experts for Termite Control In Townsville

Do you think you have termites in your home? Here is why you should call the experts!

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Termites may be uncommon, but they are everywhere in many houses in Townsville. You can read more about these pests on this page here. They can cause a lot of damage than most pests, and the home’s overall foundation can be weakened. They chip and feed on wood, and they can damage the structural integrity of the ceilings and walls. They can even get into wallpapers and wooden floors if one is not careful. The problem for many homeowners is that they don’t usually see a termite infestation until it’s too late. These pests typically live in a tunnel that they have created underground or within the walls. They wanted to be inconspicuous as much as possible.

The Two Types of Termites

There are two types of termites to know about, and they are drywood and subterranean. They have their own sets of disadvantages and challenges that homeowners should know about.

The subterranean varieties are commonly found in housing materials. They are the ones that form large colonies underground, and there are usually mud tubes for extra moisture. They will make their way from one place to another through these mud tubes. They will often travel from the food source and to their colonies. They can build an underground tunnel that will be more than a hundred feet long while simultaneously feeding on wood on their way down.

The drywood termites are much harder to find. They are very common in the Southwest or Southeast regions. They have a different body and biology type that allows them to do an infestation inside the home without the need for the soil. They will construct a home in wooden pieces of furniture without building underground tunnels. The termites love wood, so they are commonly found in walls and house structures that are in contact with the soil.

Signs of Infestation

These silent assassins will usually make their way inside your home without getting detected. You will know until it’s too late, and they have reproduced a lot. However, the good news is that some telltale signs will help you identify whether you have them inside your house or not.

Damage on Wood Furniture or Structures: You can notice the wood that is part of your house’s foundation having holes in them. This can be the first sign of the pests since they love to eat the inside and the outside part of the wood. If you knock on the walls and they sound hollow, you may have a rotting structure around you, and this can be a giveaway of termite issues.

Visible Mud Tubes

The subterranean mites need a lot of moisture when traveling to and from their food source and colonies. The mud tubes can usually be found in the exterior of your home, in the basements, or the crawl space.


The shavings or the powdery dust can be telltale signs that you have an infestation to address. As the wood is being eaten, some of the powder will usually fall on the beddings and other furniture pieces, so it’s better to check with the exterminators while it’s still early.


The winged and young female mites can often be mistaken as flying bugs. When you see some ant-like and black bugs crawling around your house, or you see some discarded wings, it’s better to check the wooden areas of your home to see if there are more of them.

How to Kill the Termites?

For many homeowners, it’s not easy to exterminate the termites on their own. Most of them will have to deal with a large infestation that is harder to control. This is why they should call an experienced professional and try services like the Termites Gone termite control to make the situation more manageable. The experts will also give you tips on what to do to prevent this same problem from going out of hand in the future.

The widespread nature of the infestation urgently needs the help of professionals. They can make a tailored approach in treating the pests, and the solutions that they will spray is safe for both humans and pets. They also know the right amount to pour, and they will use baiting systems or fumigation techniques whenever there’s a need.

About Liquid Termiticides

Barrier treatments are specially designed to keep the pests from entering your property. The usual termiticides are designed to decrease the soil moisture that the mites usually need to survive.

If you choose the liquid solutions, they can give instant and faster results. Apply them directly to the infested area, and you can also do drillings on concrete slabs if possible. Setting up an effective barrier is challenging for many homeowners, so it’s better to call the professionals when getting into this project.

What You Can Do Inside the Home

  • Get mulch and place it at least 15 inches away from the property’s foundation.
  • Seal up any cracks and holes that can be entry points of the pests.
  • Keep firewood at least 25 feet from the house or the ground.
  • Check the door frames, exterior wooden structures, skirting boards, and windows for any changes in form.
  • Divert rainwater and any sources of moisture away from your home. The termites need a lot of moisture to thrive and survive, so proper drainage is a must. Check your downspouts and gutters and ensure that they redirect the water away from the basements and the foundations of your house. The air conditioners’ condensation line should also be checked and properly routed away from the home,
  • Ensure that the crawl spaces, basements, and attics are well-ventilated.
  • Be watchful of the mud tubes. If you realize that they are making their ways inside your home, destroy them and call a pro if needed.

When to Call a Professional’s Help?

When you call in the expert exterminators, you can expect that they will use a wide range of tools, techniques, and skills to erase the existence of termites in your home. Read more about extermination processes here. They will do the treatments according to the severity of the infestation.

They will likely use chemical barriers for subterranean mites and liquid solution for drywood termites. The pros will prevent the access of these pests inside your home in Townsville and eliminate the entire colony for your peace of mind.