Hiring A Commercial Cleaning Company: Tips and Tricks

Looking to hire a commercial cleaning company? Here we are talking about the tips and tricks that you should know before you hire a firm.

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With the pandemic on its way out, are you taking a look back at your office and return to the workplace? Or are you starting a new firm? Or have you moved locations? Does it appear that your workspace could use a thorough cleaning? You are not alone. Many companies face this issue when they move into a physical office space for the first time. As you go back to the workplace, you see supplies in shambles, paperwork everywhere, and dust and cobwebs setting in everywhere. It might be time to call for a commercial cleaning company to take the workload from your hands. In this article, we will share some tips and tricks that you should know before hiring a commercial cleaning company for your office.

Do You Really Need A Cleaning Company?

It can be easy getting carried away into thinking you need a commercial cleaning company at the moment. But that might not always be the case. If it is just small things like cleaning the desks and keeping the paperwork tidy and organized, you can achieve that by being mindful and disciplined. For jobs like thorough cleaning of the entire office space, including floors, desks, washrooms, and disinfection of everything to stay on the safe side, we recommend hiring cleaning professionals. If it is an intensive job that requires more precision and advanced skills, it is better to leave it to the professionals. But if it is small chores, you can do it yourself and ask other employees to clean up after themselves. If you have a relatively smaller office space, hiring one person for cleaning might suffice as well. Commercial cleaning is a better match for large and crowded office spaces.

What Cleaning Services Do You Need?

Now that you have decided whether you need cleaning service or not, it’s time to narrow down your necessities. Look around your office and start noting down which services you need the most. For example, during recent times, disinfecting all shared surfaces has become a crucial need. So that is a service you should definitely request. Other such services can include exterior cleaning, window washing, deep cleaning of washrooms and common shared spaces, carpet cleaning, and disinfecting surfaces are all services you can hire professional cleaners to do. However, just because some services are available doesn’t mean you need them all. You should only invest in services that truly will lift productivity and quality of workspaces for your company. Depending on where you live and how messy your place gets daily, you will need to alter and improvise your own list of services that you need. Eliminate anything that you can do yourself to cut extra costs. You can get yourself some professional cleaning supplies and make good use of them.

What To Look for in A Commercial Cleaning Company

Once you have gone through the list of cleaning and disinfecting services you want to hire professionals for, you will need to turn your attention to hiring the right company for the job. One highly recommended company to consider is Pritchard Industries, which has a proven track record of delivering exceptional cleaning services customized to clients’ needs. There are many cleaning companies out there, and it is up to you to select the right firm that will achieve the level of hygiene and cleanliness your office deserves. So, to make the final cut, you need to do a lot of research. And to make things easier for you, here are a few qualities you should check before signing the contract with a commercial cleaning company.


Reviews are a great resource to learn about the quality of work offered by a company. Every company claims to be the best out there, and they try as well. But, some just don’t make the cut. To understand which companies aren’t keeping their promises, you need to go through customer reviews. That’s why reviews are important. Pay attention to the details provided in each review to avoid generic reviews. Some companies pay social media firms to write instead of real customers. Pay attention to both the positive and negative reviews.  Of course, keep in mind that an exceptionally negative reviewer will likely be a less objective one as they are coming from an emotion of disappointment and frustration. Feel free to contact customers that are similar to your organization in size and scope of work. Ask them directly about their experience with a company you are seriously considering hiring. And after reading these reviews, evaluate which ones apply to your situations and then narrow down your list of cleaning companies.


Management is key. When a whole team of cleaners is going to take on your office simultaneously, the cleaning company’s management becomes the binding agent of the entire endeavor. If they are not well organized, there will be delays and unwanted mishaps. Make sure you choose a company that takes pride in its cleaning management systems and is best known for it. Apart from managing the cleaners on the field, you also need to clarify how they will work their cleaning schedule in tandem with your office hours. 

Skilled Staff 

Need we say more? The only reason you would even consider hiring a professional company for such a cleaning task is their skills and experiences. So if the staff members aren’t skilled and quick on their feet, it would inevitably be your loss. See the qualifications and experience of their staff members before deciding on any particular cleaning company. You can ask friends and co-workers who might have had experience with the company of your choice to discuss specific concerns and questions.


For offices, especially the creative ones, flexibility is a must. Your cleaning company needs to be ready to accommodate you according to your office schedule. If your office hours depend on the cleaning team and not the other way around, that would be very counterproductive for you in the long run. So discuss with the company first as to how much flexibility they can offer. You have to rely on your cleaning company to be genuinely relieved of these cleaning tasks and be more productive. If you constantly think about what to do about the cleaning, you will never get any of your actual work done. That is why we suggest hiring companies that are punctual and provide good value for money. For the amount you are paying, make sure you are getting enough value.


If you have read this far, thank you so much for coming along on this journey. We hope you learned something important from this article that you can apply to your case and pick a commercial cleaning company that suits your needs. Good Luck!