How To Decorate A Small Bedroom Easily To Make It Look Bigger?

With winter around the corner and the pandemic situation calling for a regular Work From Home set-up, your modest-sized apartment may begin to seem a little claustrophobic!

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What was earlier celebrated as a cozy and compact living space could rapidly descend into chaos if you’re not constantly vigilant about removing the clutter and keeping things organized. Smaller sized rooms present unique interior design challenges. “Looking small” can be tackled with a few clever hacks, but “feeling small” depends on how you maintain the room. Most of us tend to crib endlessly about the cramped space problems and decide that there’s nothing to be done about it. The good news is that once you accept and embrace the room’s size, it becomes easy to deal with the issue. 

Easy Decoration Tips For Small Bedrooms

Smart Flooring Solutions: Keep the color neutral, but that doesn’t mean the only options you have are hospital gray or clinical white. Warm tones in wood or stone retain the cozy element. Just make sure that you use large-sized tiles to enhance the visual effect of space. If you’re laying parquet or laminate tiles, the trick is to lay in a diagonal pattern. It instantly tricks the eye into believing that space is larger. Keep as much furniture off the floor as possible. Get furniture with legs and avoid tall, free-standing objects in the room. Finally, try to use the same flooring throughout the house for consistency and a look of a larger floor area

Lighting Options: Using light and shade is a clever approach to small bedroom decoration. Dainty, delicate lighting fixtures that appear to float on the ceiling are a pretty and practical solution. Modern lighting innovations, LED lights, battery-operated sconces, and wall-mounted fixtures placed strategically provided interest, light, and functionality. Use task-lighting for reading or sewing. Textured shades are a great option for small rooms.

Use The Ceiling Judiciously: Professional interior designers consider the ceiling as the fifth wall in the room. Paint the ceiling a slightly darker shade to draw the eye upwards. Install the biggest chunk of your shelving as close to the ceiling as possible, and paint shelves the same color as the walls. Get full-height storage units and keep them narrow to save space. Your ceiling can be transformed into a unique architectural feature using paint, molding, and lighting. Install a skylight if possible, and use the ceiling to floor draperies for vertical effect. 

Mirror Wise: Mirrors reflect and bounce light around the room. You can use them on your wardrobe or bathroom doors to enhance the feeling of space. Install a make-up mirror with lights to boost the glam element in your bedroom. If you have a window, place a mirror directly across it on the opposite wall, and you’ll give the illusion of two windows. Angle mirrors the right for maximum light reflection and expansion of space. Mirrors help to increase the illusion of space if they reflect open yards, corridors, or simply whatever is in the room. 

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