DIY Tips to Installing an Outdoor Pergola

Pergolas are beautiful garden features that can spruce up your lawn remarkably!

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They consist of solid cross-beams and overhead lattices that are supported by sturdy vertical pillars. Pergolas come in various shapes and sizes – some are classical, majestic structures with cool climbing plants, while others incorporate modern designs. When constructing a pergola, you can choose from a wide array of materials. These include wood, aluminum, fiberglass and CPVC. Finding a professional expert to design your dream outdoor pergola might sound like a tough nut to crack, but it’s actually simple. You just need to conduct some research or seek recommendations from loved ones. Here are 6 tips to installing an outdoor pergola:

Choose a Suitable Site 

Pergolas can provide your home with remarkable architectural flair. The size of your garden will determine the type of pergola you install. When picking an appropriate site to erect your structure, ensure that you select an area that is flat and leveled out. Sloping landscapes can be flattened by grading and hand tamping. In addition, your pergola should be situated around shaded scenery, preferably close to some trees. This will protect you and your guests from the sweltering summer heat when relaxing outside.


Contact your Local Cable and Utility Companies Before Digging Post Holes

After carefully assessing your yard and selecting a suitable location to construct your pergola, the next step should involve digging post holes. However, it’s important to call local cable companies and utility firms and request them to indicate where their underground services are situated. Upon receiving the green light, you can commence with your project. Use an ordinary shovel, power auger or clamshell digger to scoop out the soil when digging post holes. For DIY projects, make sure that your post holes are wide and deep enough to firmly support standard 4×4 posts.

Select the Best Lumber

If you wish to build a sturdy pergola that can withstand the elements, you must choose the best timber. Rather than opting for conventional 4”x4” posts that aren’t durable enough, select high-quality 6”x6” posts that are thick and strong. Apart from wood, there are other materials you can utilize to construct your gorgeous pergola. Request for a comprehensive material & design list from your contractor and weigh the pros and cons of each pergola design before making up your mind. In addition, you should always treat your lumber to prevent insect and fungi infestation.


Set Your Posts in Concrete

After digging post holes to the sufficient depth, ensure you have some concrete on site. Mix the concrete and put it aside, then place your posts inside the holes and pour your concrete uniformly all round. You should thump the concrete with a strong piece of timber to get rid of any entrapped air bubbles. Use a string line and spirit level to align the posts and make them straight. Constructing the perfect pergola requires immense prowess – you might need to hire an expert or at least consult a professional before commencing your DIY project.

Secure Beams on the Pergola Columns

After filling your post holes with concrete, it’s now time to set the overhead beams. You can use angle brackets to fix your beams securely onto the pergola columns. However, it’s important to straighten the columns first before placing the beams. If some of your columns aren’t quite straight, get someone to push them up and down till they’re level, and then use steel brackets to fasten them from above. Ensure you have a powerful screwdriver and a set of screws to fasten the overhead pergola rafters in place.


Hire an Experienced Pergola Expert

If you love taking on challenging projects, then building an exquisite pergola in your backyard is certainly an exciting prospect. However, the perfect pergola requires to be built by an experienced pair of hands. Hiring a skillful handyman to design and construct your dream pergola might be a great idea. You can either choose to install a pre-built pergola or create a brand new pergola based on your specific concepts. There’s a wide assortment of outdoor wooden pergolas to select from. Therefore, choose one that suits your particular style. Your preferred pergola should not only merge seamlessly with your garden, but it should also be durable and affordable.

It’s every homeowner’s dream to install a beautiful outdoor pergola that will provide some oomph to their yard. When followed to the letter, the tips discussed above will help you build an eye-catching pergola that everyone will love.

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