Thinking of starting a career in real estate? It’s a popular career option for people
who want to celebrate the joy of finding their client’s perfect home!

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People in real estate know how important a home is, and they work tirelessly to ensure everything comes together flawlessly. While being an estate agent is probably the role you hear about most in the industry, working in real estate isn’t just about selling houses. There are lots of opportunities for people who love everything home-related. Still not sure whether a career in real estate is for you? Here are 5 reasons to work in real estate.


Working in real estate is a numbers game. So, if you’re great at math and love problem solving, this could be the career for you. For example, you could become a real estate investor, such as a landlord. Here, you’ll have to work out all your outgoings in order to make a profit on a property. Alternatively, if you’re looking for something more office-based, you might work in accounting within real estate. This can be a great role for those who like being organized, with the aid of powerful association accounting software.


People are always looking for houses, so there are always plenty of jobs in realestate. Sure, the market fluctuates depending on the economy, but a person’s need to move never goes. Working with rentals is particularly busy – especially in the student market. Students move around regularly and are always looking for great properties. Plus, people love becoming landlords and renting out their properties. Decorating and maintaining rentals can be a great career option, too.


One of the great things about real estate is that it can pay pretty well – especially if you sell high-end homes. You’ll need to work your way up and work hard, but if you’re willing to put in the effort you’ll reap the rewards.


You might not think it, but working in real estate can be creative. For example, there are plenty of marketing roles in real estate. Real estate can be highly sales focused, so companies are often looking for new ways to promote their homes and make an impact. You could find yourself working on email campaigns or using social media to promote the properties. Alternatively, you might need to maintain the homes and make sure they look nice for these sales; meaning that you get to do some work in interior design. There are plenty of ways for creative minds to think outside the box in real estate.

Making a House a Home

The best thing about working in real estate is that you get to provide people with their forever homes. You help people feel warm, safe and happy – and that’s a great feeling.