Why Clutter Is Bad for Your Wellbeing and How to Get Rid of It

Sometimes, it can be hard to keep on top of cleaning in your home when you have a busy schedule!

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You will also notice that through time you might run out of storage space and this is when you will have to consider getting rid of clutter. Not only will clutter look bad in your home but it is also bad for your wellbeing. Below, we are going to discuss why clutter is bad for your wellbeing and how you can get rid of it. Read on to hear some of our tips.

Can be a Hazard

One of the reasons why clutter is bad for your wellbeing is because it can actually be a hazard to have in your home. When you have a lot of items lying around it can cause you to trip up and fall and they can also be a fire hazard. On top of that, when you leave items on the floor, you will find that they will begin to gather dust or even start to mould through time. This makes it dangerous for people in homes that suffer from breathing-related illnesses like asthma or for those who suffer from allergies.

Cause You to Lose Focus

Another reason why clutter is bad for your wellbeing is that it can actually cause you to lose focus on things that you are doing. Your brain likes to be organised and, if you are seeing a lot of things out of place and clutter lying around, you will find it a lot harder to focus. As well as making it harder for you to focus, it can make you feel a lot more anxious or stressed that can impact your daily life and carrying out tasks.

Consider Storage

When you are hoping to get rid of clutter, you might not want to part with the items if they are valuable or have a lot of meaning to them. Items like this are the main reason for clutter but, if you just don’t have the space for them then, you will need to come up with a different solution. If you don’t want to part with the items then you should consider putting them into storage so you still have them in your possession but just not in your home. The cost of self storage is actually more affordable than you may think, so have a look at your options to find the right one for you.

Donate to Charity

If you have lots of items that are in good condition and you think others could get use out of them you should consider donating them to charity. Lots of people can’t afford to buy new things and they use charity shops so, you could help someone a lot by donating the items rather than throwing them away. Make sure to find a local charity shop that you could donate to.


If the items are no use to you and they are not suitable to be donated to a charity then, you should consider recycling your items. This is a good thing to do because not only will you be able to remove the clutter from your home but, you can also do your bit for the environment and reduce the waste and pollution.

Removing clutter from your home can be beneficial in improving your wellbeing and making your home more enjoyable to live in. Make sure to try out some of our ideas and see if they make a difference.