Get to Know More About Whole-House Air Purifiers

Make the air in your home clean with an air purifier, here’s how!

Photos By: Unsplash

It is often assumed that the air and smog outside are much more polluted than the air inside your home. However, in reality, indoor air quality is usually worse and more polluted, posing many health risks for people living in a certain place. Dust, pollen, dander, and other pollutants can easily accumulate in your home without being visible, making it a major threat for people with asthma and allergies. With air pollution becoming a bigger concern today, it is more important than ever to take charge of your health by keeping your indoor air clean. To remedy this problem, many homeowners have turned to air purifiers to filter out pollutants and boost air quality. However, the portable versions will not work if you want them to function throughout your entire home. In this case, getting whole-house air purifiers will be ideal for the job. Familiarize yourself with what they are, how they work, and how they can help your home!

How Do Whole-House Air Purifiers Work?

As their name suggests, whole-house air purifiers do the same job as a portable air purifier–that is, cleaning out polluted indoor air. The main differentiator is that it does this to your whole-house instead of a single room or area. One thing to note about these purifiers is that they are different from large portable purifiers as they are built-in to your home’s HVAC system. Thus, they are often considered to be much more effective in removing pollens and allergens from your home. Whole-house air purifiers can work in different ways, depending on how it is installed into your HVAC system. At times, it can simply be adding a filter to the return-air ductwork of your system to trap particles that pass through it. It can also be a more complex electrical system built into the ductwork, which may require a professional’s help for installation.

Benefits of Whole-House Air Purifiers

Seasonal allergens are one of the biggest culprits to indoor air pollution, and it can be difficult to keep these under control throughout your entire house. A whole-house air purifier essentially solves that problem by targeting all areas in your home, making sure not to leave any area untouched. Depending on your model’s strength, you can get over 95% of your home’s particulates filtered with advanced systems. By filtering out airborne particles, whole-house air purifiers can also eliminate odours that may result from the build-up of these pollutants. For example, they can rid your home of the smell of cigarette smoke or your kitchen after cooking food. Another promising benefit of these purifiers is their ability to trap dust, which can prevent dust from accumulating everywhere. As a plus, this also means you need to dust your place less frequently!

Finally, a whole-house air purifier can help prolong the lifespan of your HVAC system. Since it is built into the system, the purifier can trap particles that would otherwise get stuck and cause it to break down much earlier. Ultimately, you kill two birds with one stone since you can keep your whole-house’s air clean and safeguard your HVAC investment at the same time.

It has become a hard and cold fact that indoor air quality is worse than outdoor. Given the long hours you spend at home, this fact can pose a major health risk to people living in your place. As such, you can use a whole-house air purifier to reduce the number of airborne particles and boost the air quality inside your home.