Most Important Things You Need if a Hurricane is coming

Is there a hurricane in your area? Here is how to prepare for hurricane season!

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Few of us have experienced natural catastrophes, such as hurricanes, the main reason is not living in an area where similar occurrences happen. However, if you happen to be at a place where hurricanes have a tendency to occur, there are a couple of things you should possess in your household. Stocking up on supplies when everyone else is doing the same thing means that your selection will be limited, at best. You might not be able to get everything you need before the storm hits. You could also have to contend with a long-term power outage, which means your limited supplies might not last as long as you need them to. Most of your hurricane preparedness should take place when there is no threat of a hurricane. There’s a lot you can do right now to keep your home and family safe when a storm hits.

Most Important Things You Need if Hurricane is coming

So, when making a shopping list for your hurricane storage, you should get the following.

1. Portable Generators

Power outages are often more than just an inconvenience; particularly for vulnerable populations, they can be downright dangerous. Sometimes a generator is necessary to keep the refrigerator running and prevent food from going bad for days, ensure medical devices work properly, or heat or cool the house during extreme weather. A power outage may leave you literally caught in the dark, but you can still be prepared by buying a portable generator. However, it is difficult to choose a particular one since there are so many of them on the market, and if you do not know what specifics to look for. Luckily, we got you covered. Here is a list of top-class portable generators.

2. Water and Food Supplies

Having enough drinking water in hand is the most important step you can take to prepare for a hurricane. A gallon of water per person, per day, is enough for seven days. Or if you buy bottles, that is eight 16-ounce bottles per person or 56 bottles for seven days. Store some bottled water in your freezer if you have a large one that’s not fully stocked. Frozen water bottles will help your freezer run more efficiently and will also help it stay colder for longer if the power goes out. It is also important to have a way to purify water in the event of a long-term emergency. There are several mini water purifiers. Additionally, there are tablets that purify the water by boiling them. Bear in mind that you must have water for personal hygiene, as well as cleaning.

With regards to the food, the family needs to accumulate at least a five-day supply of non-perishable food that requires no refrigeration and little preparation. Canned foods and high-energy foods such as protein bars, nuts, and other foods that will provide you with plenty of energy in case you need to go a long time without eating can be a life-saver. Moreover, it can be helpful if you are spending long periods of time doing manual work.

3. First-aid Kit and Medications

Assemble a first aid kit for your home and one for each car. Your first-aid kit should include gauze, bandages, small scissors, waterless alcohol-based sanitizer and wipes, tweezers, and the like. There should also be a first-aid guide in case you are unfamiliar with the procedures in case of an injury. Even if you do not suffer from any acute or chronic illnesses you should still pack some essential medications. Pain relievers could be very valuable if you get a headache in a noisy shelter, or if you are sore after a long cleanup period. Also, since you might be eating foods that are not in your everyday diet, think about getting antacids, laxatives and, anti-diarrhea medications.

4. Household Items and Sanitation

You would want to have the following supplies on hand to help you through the storm’s aftermath and cleanup. You should purchase paper towels, toilet paper, towelettes, soap, liquid hand sanitizer, liquid detergent. Acquire personal hygiene items such as toothpaste, deodorant, shampoo, and so on. Get yourself some disposable dinnerware, as dishes will be hard to wash if you have limited water supply. Stock up paper plates, cups, and disposable silverware. A manual can opener will come in handy when opening canned foods. This one is better than the electric one since the power can go out. Regular garbage bags can help keep items dry if you have to evacuate on foot while it is raining. Heavy contractor bags can be helpful as they can be used for sanitary disposal of human waste if the water is shut off or to throw out home items that are ruined. These bags can be found at home improvement stores.

5. Tools and other Equipment

Power outages are likely in the worst of a storm, so you will want to keep tabs on the latest information. A battery-powered radio could be your lifeline if all other forms of communication fail. Also, for those dark nights, you will want to have plenty of flashlights around, and stock up on batteries to keep both working throughout the storm. A solar charger for cell phones, tablets, and other technological devices can come in handy. Furthermore, you will need lighters and matches, tape, a basic set of tools like hammer, nails, screws, screwdriver, pliers, and knives. Concerning the bedding, have extra sheets and blankets, sleeping bags for each person. Consider additional bedding if you live in a cold-weather climate. You must bear in mind the number of people that will be together during the hurricane and their age. In case you have babies you will all the necessary baby equipment such as food, diapers, enough clothing, medication, and other baby essentials. The same goes for having children or the elderly. Keep in mind that even if you don’t live directly on the coast, it’s still important to be prepared for hurricanes.


In the light of everything we said above, it’s certain that you need to be prepared for hurricane once it comes. Therefore, follow our guide here and get your supplies on time. Also, keep an eye on the small things like soap and other hygiene stuff, these can be easily misplaced or left aside!