Buying the Right Lounge Suite: 6 Tips to Remember

Your hunt for a new lounge suite can either be an overwhelming or fun experience!

Overwhelming if you’re clueless regarding what to look for and fun if you know exactly what aspects to consider. We’re here to help make sure that the latter prevails. How? By making sure that the lounge suite you buy ticks all the right boxes where comfort, durability and quality are concerned. Let’s get right into it.

1. What Are Your Lifestyle Needs?

Before you even head down to the furniture shop or start skimming through catalogues, know your needs. What kind of style are you looking for? Factors such as material, texture, pattern and colour obviously play a huge role in this regard. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you pick a suite made up of fabric or leather? The material that makes up the lounge suite will affect maintenance issues. Lounges made up of fabric are much difficult to clean. Leather lounges have easy maintenance requirements. Plus, they last longer.
  • Are there young kids in the house? If so, you may have to steer clear from white lounge suites and opt for darker hues.
  • Is it for a large family, couple or just yourself? A lounge suite for a large family naturally needs to be bigger to accommodate everyone—including guests. If you live alone you have more options and can afford to consider chic textures & brighter colours.

2. How Much Space Do You Have?

The lounge suite you buy depends on the amount of space you have available, not to mention the shape of the room. Do you pick an L-shaped couch or a three-piece set? Visualise the shape and size of the couch that you want. Can people still move around comfortably once you’ve positioned it? Better yet, why not a grab a pen and paper & sketch out a plan of your room. You can take this plan when you go shopping and get advice from the seller regarding the right sofa to buy for your space.

3. What About the Lounge Frame?

When lounge suite shopping, don’t carried away by chic designs and fancy upholstery. Sure, the way the lounge suite looks matters as this affects overall aesthetics of your space. But with investments like these, it pays to dig a little deeper and establish what’s underneath the exterior. Ask about the internal frame that makes up the sofa. That’s where the real value of a lounge suite lies as it affects how long your sofa will last. Ideally, you want a frame that’s made of high-quality wood that can withstand long-term use. Instead of taking the seller’s word for it, inspect the sofa for yourself by doing the following:

  • Firstly, by merely looking at it, you shouldn’t see the frame poking through the fabric.
  • Feel the sofa for any bumps and lumps.
  • Don’t be afraid to take it a step further by lifting up the sofa to gauge the weight. Solid wood is usually weighty compared to flimsy wood.

4. What are the Details?

Again, don’t be fooled by superficial patterns and designs. Make sure you conduct a close inspection to ascertain the overall quality of the sofa. Here are a few aspects you must keep your eyes peeled on:

  • Deep buttons: Inspect the buttons and establish if they are firmly attached to the sofa. Are they evenly spaced?
  • Stitching: Is the stitching neat and secure or is it pulling in certain places?
  • Legs: Are the legs sturdy or flimsy? Do they complement the overall suite?
  • Armrests: Are the armrests sturdy or wiggly?
  • Pattern: Is the fabric design symmetrical and centred? Does it match up at the seams?
  • Cushions: If the lounges come with cushions, make sure that they are firm. Either that or the cushions will warp or lose their shape in no time. But it doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t be soft and comfortable.

5. Is it Comfortable?

When looking for a lounge suite, be prepared to sit on as many sofas as possible. That’s the only way you’ll confirm its comfort levels. Aside from sitting, feel free to lie down and kick your feet up. Does the suite support your full torso comfortably? A sofa with deep seats is always comfortable but that’s entirely a matter of preference. Pick a sofa with a higher back if you’re on the taller side.

6. How Much Does the Lounge Suite Cost?

After all is said and done, your budget ultimately determines the lounge suite that you’ll buy. But for such an investment, we encourage you to prioritise quality over the price tag. Save up for a few extra months if you must. Buying a quality lounge suite means that it will not only last for years to come but that it will look good too. We can’t promise the same if you opt for cheaper lounge suites. After all, you get what you pay for.

Final Words

By now, we’re certain that you’re more than confident to buy your dream lounge suite. Buying your lounge suite need not be a stressful experience at all especially if you go armed with the checklist that we’ve just provided you with. Happy shopping!

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