Easy Outfits for Doing Housework

Look great while cleaning the house and doing housework. Here are some simple outfit ideas that are practical and stylish!

When you’re stuck at home doing housework all day, it can be easy to feel like you’re in a fashion rut. You’re mopping the floor, or scrubbing down the laundry, wearing sweatpants and a ratty old torn-up T shirt. It can get pretty old. Luckily, it doesn’t have to be that way. In this post, we’ll go over some of the coolest, most fun, easy-to-put on outfits you can wear while cleaning around the house. You’ll feel inspired to do your best because you’ll look your best – and, if you need to run out of the house to pick up some groceries, you’ll look great!

Athleisure Style

One of the best trends that has grown in the past decade is athleisure. This simple pairing of athletic materials, cuts, and fits with leisure styling is comfy, fun, and makes a great go-to for people on the go. Plus, it’s great for doing housework! We recommend athleisure for the following types of household chores:

  • Mopping the kitchen
  • Dusting the pianos
  • Sweeping the drawing room
  • Organizing the bookshelf
  • Cleaning out the attic
  • Mopping the bathroom
  • Cleaning the kids’ rooms

Athleisure wear is comfy as can be, so you’ll feel energized to power through your workout and jump straight into your weekend workout seamlessly. Here’s your basic guide to athleisure clothing options:

For him:

  • Running shoes
  • Athletic socks
  • Jogger pants or basketball shorts
  • A moisture-wicking T shirt
  • Baseball cap

For Her:

You’ll feel cool and collected as you whiz about the house doing chores in these knock-out outfits! Looking to dress a little nicer, though? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Simple But Classy

Sometimes you’re doing housework in a way that requires you to look a little nicer, like if you’ve got company coming over soon, or if you need to dash right out of the house for a parent teacher conference.

Luckily, just because you’re doing housework doesn’t mean you have to look shabby. You can choose a simple but classy outfit that’s comfy enough to clean and organize in, while still a great choice if you need to do other things after. Here are some great options:

For him:

  • Graphic T shirt or polo shirt
  • Jeans or khaki pants
  • Boat shoes or minimalist white sneakers
  • A sporty watch

For her:

  • Simple but elegant T shirt or blouse
  • Jeans or nicer leggings
  • Marry Jane flats or white sneakers
  • Cool sports watch

Not sure what housework you can do while sporting one of these excellent outfits? Here’s our list of recommendations:

  • Dusting the bookshelf
  • Organizing the parlor
  • Putting away bedding
  • Folding laundry
  • Washing the dishes (not extremely messy ones though)
  • Trimming houseplants

Sometimes, however, wearing your nicer clothes while doing housework can be a disaster – you don’t want bleach on your favorite T or potting soil on your nice jeans. If you’re doing serious work, you may want something a bit more rugged.

Outdoorsy and Adventure-Ready

If you’re working out in the garden, potting plants, pulling weeds, or renovating your outdoor deck, you may want to wear a more outdoor-ready outfit. After all, you never know when I friend might call to invite you to a surprise last-minute hike! What activities are such outfits best suited to? Try these on for size:

  • Potting outdoor plants
  • Cleaning the deck
  • Trimming tall outdoor trees
  • Rinsing the car
  • Picking up litter around the neighborhood
  • Hiking

Not sure what an outdoorsy and adventure-ready cleaning outfit looks like? Here are some tips:

For him:

  • Hiking pants
  • Outdoor boots
  • An old T shirt
  • Windbreaker (for chillier weather)
  • Athletic socks

For her:

You’ll be comfy as can be wearing these stylish and interesting outdoor outfits, and you’ll be ready to head off on an adventure on a moment’s notice if one should come calling! We are big believers that you can still look trendy and cool even while sealing your driveway, or weatherproofing your house! Try these on for size and see if they don’t motivate you to do some majorly awesome housework. Congrats!

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