4 Inexpensive Tips for Weatherproofing Your House

Make sure you weatherproof your house before damage occurs. Hear’s how!

Each weather brings many beautiful things along with it. The winters have cold breezes, snowfall, and a chance to show off an entire range of outfits, among other things. Summers bring clear skies, a chance to head down to the beach, and do a variety of other things. But they also have many negatives. The various weather conditions can lead to numerous problems all around the house. Your roof can get damaged, the basement can get flooded, windows can get cracked, and the garage can become a mess, among other issues. That is why you need to weatherproof the house. It can cost a pretty penny to proof the entire structure altogether, which is why you can make use of these four tips to get the most done under a budget.

Install Technology

The most common and easiest way to save money would be to add technology. You can buy a smart thermostat and get it installed in different rooms of the house. A simple device can control the temperature according to the number of inhabitants in the place, and other factors. You can also get an LED box that has a range of many other useful features.

Cover the Windows

Windows are one of the primary sources of heat in the house. They are very notorious for leaks and drafts as well. You should check if the glass on the windows is single panelled. That is usually one of the cases. Since older windows aren’t exactly known for being energy efficient, you might want to consider replacing them. If the cost of upgrading the windows seems too expensive, consider simply tinting the windows, and making sure there are no cracks or holes on the edges. You can save a lot on your utility bills over-time with this neat fix.

Weatherproof the Garage

Most people only think about the central part of the house, never the extensions. Many things can go wrong with the garage. As seasons come and go, many of the common parts of the garage door may get damaged. You can look into a professional garage door repair service to check on the springs, opener, and other essential parts. If the gate isn’t completely closing, it could lead to cold air coming in the winter, hot in the summers, as well as rainwater, dusty winds, and variety of different things. Even if the door works fine, a professional service can weatherproof it for you.

Insulate the Roof

One of the top ways to save on the utility bills and protect the house is to insulate the attic. It can be difficult for some people to carry out this task, but it can be done with the proper instructions and tools. You need to figure out the approximate costs of adding different materials to insulate the roof. You can either go for blanket insulation or a loose-fill, and it is also possible to replace the entire layer. The loose fill is not a complete layer. You just stuff the fibers in gaps and leaks to protect the area. It’s cheap and great for fixing up different parts. The blanket insulation is different. They often come in rolls and are best for roofs with regular joist spacing. You can consult a professional on what kind is best for your home.