Spotlight On: Aurora Blanket – The Hypo-Allergenic Blanket that Helps you Sleep Better and Eliminates Stress

If you have a hard time sleeping, the Aurora blanket is most likely the answer to all of your problems! Find out how!

Here at we are always on the lookout for new and improved products that make our lives easier and also healthier. Who knew that there would be a way to revolutionize a blanket? Meet Aurora, the best weighted blanket that is designed to heal, eliminate stress, and also protect you from bacteria and allergens. Did we also mention that it helps you look younger and fight infections?

This new and revolutionized sleeping blanket has been a hot start-up on Kickstarter, already raising over $200,000 dollars in funding. The interesting part about Aurora blankets is that weighted blankets have been used for a very long time for therapeutic and anti-stress purposes. Aurora took the extra mile to make the weighted blanket even better by creating a blanket made of natural copper alloy. If you know something about metals and their healing properties, you will know that copper alloy is antimicrobial and has a long list of health benefits.

If you have ever had a weighted blanket in the past, you have probably already encountered the problems of cleaning it, as well as feeling way too hot under it in the summer months. Aurora blankets have now solved these problems, by making their blankets from royal velvet and temperature neutral glass beads. Blankets in the past were made of plastic beads making it super hot during the summer months and the fabrics did not breathe well. Aurora has also made our lives easier by creating an antimicrobial cover that is so easy to remove, throw in the washing machine, and that’s it!

So what do we love about Aurora the most? First of all, Aurora was designed by innovators in the copper fabric industry that have produced products made of copper for dozens of hospitals and medical practices. This alone makes Aurora’s blankets not regular blankets – but high quality hospital grade blankets that are made to heal. Copper is scientifically proven to fight infections, eliminate bacteria, and make your skin glow. It also keeps away mold, mites, and viruses which makes this blanked 99.9% sterile forever!

If you are an individual or someone in your family that has a hard time sleeping, experiences stress, or has allergies, a weighted blanket is by far the best and most natural way of trying to get a good night’s rest. The Aurora blanket is a great natural way to solve problems related to those above.

Order Your Aurora Blanket Today!

So what are you waiting for? You can exclusively purchase your Aurora blanket at a pre-order price by visting their website here. We can’t wait to get our hands on ours!

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