Best Plumbing Technology Trends For 2020

Advanced technology has re-shaped most industries over the decade. In the plumbing industry, the use of technological tools has made work much easier and faster than ever!

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From the use of waterproof cameras to WIFI-enabled tablets, the pace of change doesn’t seem to be slowing. Embracing these emerging technologies is paramount for every plumbing professional. This is because it creates room for better services to the customers and reduces utility costs. If I was looking for the best plumber near me, here are some of the popular technological trends I would go for.

1. Advanced Shower Heads

If you looking to spice up your boring shower routine and take singing in the shower a whole new level, then these advanced shower heads will do. Most of these shower heads are equipped with a Bluetooth system to play music as you shower. Others have LED lights for displaying different shades of light at the same time playing music as you enjoy taking a bath.

2. Tankless Water Heater Systems

Tankless water heaters have replaced the normal water heater system as technology advances. This comes as an upgrade for many homeowners because these tankless heaters are fast and efficient. Research has it that tankless heaters produce hot water almost instantly and can save you on expenses. Moreover, this heater system is environmentally friendly and saves you on general energy usage. Without a doubt, tankless heaters have made life much easier hence every homeowner should be ready to make the switch.

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3. Dishwasher Recycling

Washing dishes can be tedious especially if you have a large family. Nevertheless, the invention of the dishwasher recycling option has made cleaning dishes faster and enjoyable.  This technology changes the way dishwashers use their water. Furthermore, it allows users to save on expenses by using as little water as possible when cleaning. Dishwasher recycling works by re-using rinse water which is an advantage to the environment. This can reduce water usage by nearly 2649.79 liters. You can see more trends here.

4. Smart Irrigation Systems

There is nothing as impressive as having a nice evenly spread lawn in our backyard. However, watering your lawns regularly is the main part of maintenance. The smart irrigation system ensures that your lawns are watered regularly and it is automated hence making your work match easier. The best part about this sprinkler is that it can detect when it’s about to rain and automatically shuts off, allowing the rains to do the watering. Likewise, this smart sprinkler can distinguish between various types of soil conditions, micro-climates, plants, and other pertinent weather conditions. The main goal here is to come up with the best and efficient way to keep the lawns water and water conserved.

5. Grey-water Recycling

Changes in the weather pattern have led to drought in various parts of the continent. For this reason, scientist has come up with new ways to conserve. Most people have embraced the use of the Grey-water recycling system as a major solution to water conservation. This technology works by re-using water used in the kitchens and in the shower, which is later used for cleaning and watering of plants. This water recycling technology has proven to be cost-effective and highly supportive of the environment. Plumbers have every cut out for them so that they can deliver on the promise to this new technology to their customers.

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6. Hands-Free Faucets and Fixtures

This motion sensor faucets are commonly found in public washrooms or most fancy hotels. However, today most homeowners are switching to this hands-free faucet in their kitchens and washrooms. The reason being, they reduce wastage and are more hygienic than the standard ones. The other popularly used hands-free fixture today is the touch-free toilet. We all know toilets can be a major source of bacteria and other harmful contaminants. For this reason, more users prefer installing this touch-free toilet option as it is ultra-hygienic. Moreover, it saves on water usage the fact that it requires fewer flushes. These two advanced technologies have proven to be among the most economical ways of improving household health and the environment. Consequently, every professional plumber should be in a position to provide such services to their clients as it could save them on time, money and water. Click here to see more plumbing practices.


The main reason why most plumbers and homeowners are to switching to the new plumbing trends is to save on money, time and water. With the looming climate change, everyone is looking for more efficient ways o deliver new and advanced technologies to make living much better. Luckily, most people are open to change and have switched to new technologies to secure the principal benefits for both the environment and its inhabitants. From Advanced shower heads to Hands-Free Faucets and Fixtures, homeowners and plumbing professionals have something to smile about as they are readily available and advancing each day.

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