Design Ideas to Renovate and Upgrade your Business Spaces

Designing and renovating a place where you will work is an important part of your business. Here’s how to decorate your work space!

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The modern business and workplace environment is changing. To prepare your company for the future, you need to adopt modern commercial designs and renovate or upgrade your business space accordingly to meet the needs of your customers, clients, and employees.

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Benefits of Improving your Business Spaces

Adopt Modern Ways of Working

Employees’ preferences are changing as the remote working culture takes root. According to Strategy Analytics, about 43% of the global workforce will be mobile by 2022. Improving your business spaces helps you adopt modern ways of working and prepare for the next generation of employees. 

Boost Employee Satisfaction and Well Being

Improving and renovating your business premises helps create a comfortable working environment that boosts employee satisfaction. And with the covid-19 pandemic still with us, the need to provide clean and safe business spaces where full-time workers can keep the social distance is vital.


Improving your business space helps you cut utility bills. For instance, you can identify areas that are rarely occupied and don’t require lighting, heating, or air conditioning. That helps you save money and the environment.

Top Trend Design Ideas to Renovate your Business Space

Home Environment Trend

This office renovation design blends workspace with living space to accommodate the idea of the home office into the corporate world. It’s meant to attract a remote workforce that enjoys working from home to feel calm, confident, and more productive in traditional offices.

Think of the following:

  • Increasing natural light and adding an accent of color
  • Furniture selection —plush couches with pillows
  • Natural wood elements
  • Cohesive space with docking stations to allow workers to move about the offices

Acoustic furniture Trend

This office renovation trend aims to bring personal space and sound control in a shared, open-floor office environment. Again, acoustic furniture’s modern and high-tech nature brings futuristic elements into your business spaces. Overall, it helps boost confidence and productivity in an open-floor plan space.

It entails the following:

  • Private booths and pod chairs: Help in keeping social distancing. Employees canzone and focus on their work in private booths.
  • Office phone booths and sound-absorbing furniture: Help mitigate charter and avoid distractions

Team Building Trend

This renovation idea aims to incorporate team-building elements into your business space to inspire collaboration. It’s also called HR tactic and entails the following:

  • Brainstorming areas: Open rooms with whiteboards where your workforce can brainstorm and take notes while exchanging ideas.
  • Game rooms: Think of ping-pong tables, darts, or table football where employees can get playful and flexible to blow off steam.

Agile or Open-concept Trend

This renovation design is a top trend that enables you to get the most out of your business space while encouraging employee collaboration. It relies on zones meant to help your team accomplish different types of work and activities. For instance, you can divide your business spaces into:

  • Brainstorming zone
  • Regenerating zone
  • Concentration zone
  • Personalized workstations
  • Quiet zone

Biophilic Design Trend

The biophilic design comes in handy to create warm and inviting business spaces. The aim is to inspire the health and wellness of your workforce by blending design and nature to create a sustainable business environment.

It entails the following:

  • Dedicated break areas to regenerate and reduce stress
  • Greenery and natural analogs to create a sustainable business environment
  • Plants to purify and improve air quality

Factors to Consider to Start your Business Renovation 

The Type of Renovations you’ll be Doing

To plan and budget well, you need to know the exact improvement and renovation you’ll be undertaking at any given time and how well they fit with the needs of your team.

How Long the Work Will Take

Speak to your contractor to know how long the renovations will take. That will help you plan and prepare accordingly for potential disruption to business activities.

When to Carry out the Work

To avoid major disruptions to business activities, plan to have the work carried on on the weekend, after-working hours, or at a time when it will have the most negligible impact on business operations.

Your Overall Budget and Total Cost

Finally, you’ll need to have your total costs and budget figured out to avoid nasty surprises and end up with unfinished work. Don’t panic if you don’t have enough cash flow or run short of money before the job is done. You can easily and quickly obtain a small business loan from a reputable online lender to fund your business renovations costs. Visit the link in the intro to learn more about small business loans and how they can help you improve your business spaces.