Choosing The Best Water Dispenser And Water Cooler

Drinking plenty of water is essential for a healthy body. The water cooler is no longer just a staple for office banter, it has become a critical component within the household!

It’s a fixed reminder for everyone to indulge in their daily allowance of hydration and then some. A water cooler and a water dispenser can differ, so you need to be informed by someone who knows. You can search sites like,  when you’re searching for the ideal system. There could be some features that you want that aren’t included.

Water Cooler and Water Dispenser

While both are considered to be dispensers, a water dispenser may not necessarily be a cooler. There are typically two versions of dispensers with one that does not act as a cooler, non-electric, and one that is electric that will cool. Either one of these varieties can accommodate the standard gallon bottles in two, four, and five volumes. These come prefilled with distilled, spring, or treated water or you can have them filled.

Advantages Of Water Dispensers And Water Coolers

Some people use water coolers and dispensers because they have no other resources. For many, the water coolers and dispensers are simply much more energy-efficient than running their metered water for several minutes in an attempt to receive cold water to drink. The truly nice thing about having a water cooler or dispenser is that people naturally gravitate towards them when they need or want something to drink. This means they’re taking in a much healthier alternative to what they may have if they were to take a peek in the fridge for something to quench their thirst. This is especially good for kids who may be more apt to grab a soda or juice. With these systems, they’re more likely to take what’s convenient for them.

Countertop and Freestanding Options for Coolers and Dispensers

It’s important to do your research when you’re thinking of buying one of the units. You’ll need to have an idea of what your budget will be, how you want to use the unit, and where you want to place it within your home. The dispensers and coolers can stand freely, or you can put them on top of the counter with the freestanding being the more costly option of the two. If you want to place it somewhere other than inside the house, e.g. the garage, a gardening shed, on a patio, there needs to be an electrical outlet. It also needs to be placed on a nice solid, sturdy platform. The countertop variety can sit on virtually any counter or table-top, but you don’t want it to sit too high. This will make dispensing difficult, particularly for children, and changing the bottle could prove challenging. The countertop versions are also noted as having a compressor that is smaller meaning that the water temperature might not be as cold as that of the freestanding unit. Also, a freestanding cooler fitted with a storage area will offer water that is not quite as cold as other coolers.

Temperature Of Drinking Water

The type of compressor and the various technology that is used for the design of the coolers and dispensers will be a factor in the temperature of the water. It will vary based on the different brands and models with no particular standard. Either type is going to come with at least one faucet, but some varieties offer another one used for hot water. It won’t come out of the faucet at a boiling temperature, but it is quite useful for a quick warm drink. This is just an option and can be turned off on the back of the cabinet to be more energy efficient. Read here to know more about caring for your system.


It’s wise to verify the availability of bottled water local to you before purchasing a water cooler or water dispenser. The large plastic bottles used with the systems can be reused, but you should always make sure to disinfect in between refilling. And it’s important to understand the weight capacity of the filled bottle as compared to any type of limitations that you may have. A five-gallon bucket is going to be significantly heavier than the two-gallon and it will need to be lifted above your shoulders to place it in the unit. Once you have everything set up, the only thing left to do is enjoy a nice cold cup.