Why Create Things DIY Style From Wood Vs. Buy

Working with wood is a fun and relaxing pastime. Not only are you making something practical, but you are also creating something beautiful!

If you are thinking of making your first DIY furniture, there are countless woodworking tutorials on the internet and on books to help you get started. Wood is an amazing material, and the right wood is actually sustainable. Wood is also environmentally friendly and non-toxic, so you would have no problems being surrounded by wood. With enough patience, you can advance your skills in woodworking and create really exceptional pieces that reflect your style and aesthetics. The following are just some reason why DIY style from wood is worth your time and investment:

  1. You will be Learning a Practical Hobby

Woodworking entails working with wood and fashioning it into any function and shape. Usually, woodworking is used to create furniture and various décor. You will be learning how to manipulate wood and choose the right kind of materials for your projects. Woodworking involves measuring and cutting wood and balancing joints so you should know the basics of carpentry. Carpentry is a good skill to have because it entails that you would not only have the ability to make your own beautiful pieces; you can also have the skill to repair and enhance wooden pieces. You will also see your talent and your skills soar from doing simple pieces to more ornate and complex projects.

2. You will be Unleashing the Artist in you and Make Something Truly One of a Kind

If you’ve seen a piece of nice furniture in a magazine or catalog, chances are there are dozens of other people who also have this furniture or wooden décor inside their homes. Commercially produced wooden décor and furniture are quite ordinary. You will see the same design over and over. If you have your own, do it yourself style; you can do something truly unique that can stand out. You will be able to follow your own aesthetics and execute it in a one of a kind pieces that can’t be found elsewhere. You will be the talk of your friends, family, and the neighborhood with all the exciting pieces you have made.

Online learning tutorials like the ones at StoneyCreekWoodworks.com can help you get started with learning the basics of woodworking

3. Your DIY Furniture is Sure to Last

Although people love buying wooden furniture, the fact is most commercially produced pieces aren’t made by professionals, they are made by machines. Plus, there is also the trouble that commercial pieces save on material so you wouldn’t be getting the best kind of wood for your furniture pieces. When you go the DIY route, you have the chance to choose the best material for your DIY projects. Another great thing about DIY is you know how it was constructed. You know the pattern. If something goes wrong sometime in the future, for example, a leg gets broken or somethings sags, you will know how to repair it. All in all, DIY furniture has the potential to be longer-lasting and be of higher quality than commercially made ones.

4. DIY Projects Lets you Learn Important Lessons

With enough patience and the right strategy, you can build your skills to a professional level so you can create pieces that are truly remarkable. Although there is a lot of DIY fails seen on the internet a lot of those fails could have been avoided. Again, you should look into tutorials and books by professionals on the internet and get their tips and strategies for ensuring a successful project.

To make a good outcome with your woodworking, you not only have to invest in materials and equipment, but you should also invest in your education and skills. You have to learn from the professionals on how to properly draft and execute designs so you will not fail. With the proper investment of time and learning skills, you will have enough expertise to be like the professionals and make pieces that are durable and long-lasting. Plus, you get to have an important skill that lets you do any woodworking project you want. If you merely bought furniture, you wouldn’t upgrade your talent and learn some important lessons along the way.

5. DIY is cheaper

Doing your own woodworking project is cheaper in the end because it is sturdier and more durable. When you buy cheap, commercially produced furniture, usually the materials, they use is just wooden board or laminate. These types of materials will only last a year or two. When you DIY, you can choose the best materials and fixtures for your project. Although it may cost you the same price, the DIY option will last longer. Another great thing is you can execute your own style or copy the design of the commercial piece but using a sturdier material.

Final Thoughts

Woodworking helps you gain control of your life and your environment. Too much dependence on buying furniture doesn’t give you quality and durability in the long-term. Learning to DIY helps you learn skills and have a talent that can let you create any wooden piece that reflects your own design, taste, and concept.