Make your home positive and happy – here’s exactly how to do it!

Photos via: Houzz

Happiness is so important, especially in your house. You don’t want to come home after a long day to somewhere uninviting and depressing, as this can affect you and your family’s mental health. Instead, you want to come home to somewhere happy, bright, and relaxing, and it’s easy to do. You deserve a place to be yourself, so we’ve got a few simple tips to help make your home happier.

Consider The Decor

It may sound strange, but it’s psychologically proven that how we decorate and style our room can have a big impact on our happiness and mental health. Colours like blue are calming, gentle colours which are relaxing to be in and can give you tons of benefits for your health. Open space is also more likely to help you chill out and feel less trapped, especially if you’re feeling stressed at the time. It’s also important to have items which are comforting or pleasing to you, particularly sentimental items – going to a room where you have lots of things which make you happy, or at least make you smile or satisfied, is key to feeling at home in your house.

Keep The Arguments Out

The atmosphere of a room is the most important factor when it comes to our mental health – coming home to a place that gives you bad vibes is bound to make you feel terrible. This means it’s important to deal with any conflicts head on, instead of ignoring the problem and letting it build. Listen to the other person’s side and come to understand each other. This is a major problem if not dealt with, particularly if you have kids, and if you’ve found that the problem has already escalated out of control, looking into couples counselling, or even a divorce solicitor may be the best for you and your family in keeping people happy – forcing people who don’t like each other to stay in the same house is going to make everyone miserable.

Practice Self-Soothing Activities

A lot of us nowadays find ourselves too busy to break the routine – work, sleep, repeat. However, it’s important to make time for the little activities that will really make a difference to your happiness. And, if you wanted to, you could even make these group activities for the whole family to take part in. Some examples that are good for maintaining your mind happy are writing in a journal, talking or thinking about the world around you, making a list of 3 good things that happened today, and walking in nature (this one is particularly good for the whole family). You could also invest in a nice bubble bath, a good book, or whatever it is that you’ve just not been able to make time for recently.

These steps are all easy ways in which you can get you and your home feeling better. Keep in mind that if your house doesn’t feel too cosy right now, these things take time, but making small changes like these are all you need to keep spirits a little higher and smiles a little wider.