7 Tips for Decluttering Your Home

Do you have a clutter problem in your home? Here are 7 tips that will help you get organized in no time!

Renting a U-Store Self Storage unit near you and then throwing some (or most) of your stuff in it will surely help in decluttering your home quickly. However, such a quick fix will most likely delay the inevitable and that being new clutter building up in your home again. Decluttering is a task will be extremely beneficial for you the sooner you can complete it. Having less stress and adding a bit more pep to your day are some of the many benefits of eliminating clutter in your house. If you are wondering how you should go about decluttering your entire home, then here are seven tips that will be very useful for zapping the clutter in your home.

1. Plan Out Your Project

This may sound like a cliché, but indeed, you’ll need a plan of action when dealing with the clutter in your home. Check out each room in your house, and grade the clutter in each location according to the severity of the mess. Whether you want to start decluttering from the messiest room or the one with the least clutter is entirely up to you. However, you have to set a definite starting date and make sure to stick with it.

2. Three Boxes and a Bag Method

This may also sound like cliché, but the boxes method for sorting clutter still works. Before you start sorting out your clutter, however, make sure to have enough boxes. You don’t want to give yourself an excuse to put off or delay your decluttering project needlessly. One box is for stuff that you want to keep, another to give away and one for relocation. The trash bag is obviously for stuff that you want to throw out.

3. Start Sorting Out Your Clutter

Take a quick stock of the room, and then begin sorting out your clutter. You don’t need to overthink what you have to throw in the separate boxes as you start because you’ll be reviewing them later. Make sure to toss your unnecessary junk into the trash bag, because you have to throw it out immediately after you’re done with the room.

4. Move on to Other Rooms

Before moving on to another room, make sure to give the room one quick check for any clutter that you may have missed such as those in drawers, cabinets and shelves. Set the three boxes aside. Throw out the trash bag, and then move on to another room.

5. Review Your Boxes

Once you are done with all the rooms. Start checking your boxes to make sure that your stuff is in the right one. Have another trash bag on standby just in case.

6. Start Giving the ‘Donate’ Stuff Away

After you’re certain that your clutter is in the right boxes, you can start giving away those that are in the “donate” box. Alternatively, you can hold a garage sale and sell them.

7. Rent a Storage Unit

The stuff that goes into the relocate should be those that you want to hold on to but don’t have the space in your home for them. Rent a storage unit if you can’t have a friend or relative keep them for the meantime. Lastly, the task of decluttering will be a lot more fun if you can have members of the family join in on the activity. Having them participate will also lessen the chances of throwing and giving away stuff that they may still need. By the time you are done, you should have extra storage space for the items that are in the “keep” box. Store or arrange them neatly and make sure everyone in the house knows where to look for them.

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