5 Tips On Choosing The Right Furniture For Your Home

Give your home a whole new look this summer with new furniture. Here’s how to choose and match it to your existing decor!

Photo: Collins & DuPont Design Group

Purchase Pieces That Are Handcrafted

Handcrafted pieces are significant for a number of reasons. One of the reasons that they are so important, so significant, is because they weren’t made in a factory, based on a blueprint that was designed by a machine. Instead, they were built by a human being that put their time and their energy into creating a distinct and very beautiful piece of furniture.

No other type of furniture is more indicative of this than Amish furniture. Pieces such as Amish kitchen hutches and Amish bookcases imbue your home with a sense of age, timelessness, and beauty, because those pieces are designed to last a very long time, and gradually, they become an artifact of history in of themselves, lending your home a beautifully nostalgic quality.

Go With The Colors Of Your Wall

Take a look at the colors of each wall in the house. What are those colors? What do they make you think of? How do they make you feel? Unless you plan on painting the walls anytime soon, it’s important to find furniture that goes with the colors of those walls, and matching your existing home decorating!

For example, if one of the colors is blue, and blue makes you feel this connection to the ocean, then you can find furniture that is also blue, as well as pieces that have a similar feeling to them. Some people also just find pieces of furniture in the same color, just in different shades and hues.

Figure Out The Pieces That You Need

Do you need a couch? Do you need an easy chair? What kinds of pieces do you need? What pieces are most important to you? Once you know that, look at the space itself, look at the color of the wall and look at the size of the space, and then consider the kinds of feelings that you want to create within the space itself. But, before you go out and buy anything, consider which pieces are absolutely essential to you.

For some people, the only thing they really need is a great and comfortable couch that they can relax on. For others, they are looking for sustainable furniture that lasts. If they don’t need a couch, but they want a nice chair and they want a table that can fit their entire family of eight. Think about these things, and then, going from that, think about the space and the style of the room. 

Use Classical Furniture

There is a debate as to whether or not the classical styles are as good as the more contemporary styles, and whether or not they are more suitable than those of the contemporary style. In our opinion, the classical styles are far better, because they have been proven, time and time again, that they remain aesthetically pleasing and elegant in their simplicity and overall charm. Not only that, most of the pieces are significantly more durable, made of stronger materials, and they age better due to these facts.

 Put Lights Around Your Home 

These can be lamps, but any type of light will do. Lights are very pleasing, when they are set up in the proper spaces, and they all coalesce to create a rich and inviting home that is filled with light and energy, and a beautiful ambience! By using classical furniture, matching the colors with those of the walls, filling your home with lights, and designing around your needs, you will have an absolutely radiant home!