Creating A Home Where Your Entire Family Can Relax

The home is the perfect place to unwind from a long day whether we realize it or not. Too many times people do not try to make their home a haven of relaxation simply because they do not know how to!

Photos By: Traci Connell Interiors

Relaxation is defined differently by different family members so it is important to have a place for each person to relax. Most of these suggestions are not going to break the budget but they will make a huge difference. The following are ways that you can help turn your home into a great place to relax for various people in the family.


Moms tend to flock to the hot tub, bathtub, or anywhere that they can relax their muscles. Combining this with essential oils can be the best way to relax after a long day at work or dealing with the kids. Purchasing a tub with jets to help relax can make all of the difference in the world. Finding the right essential oils that will help promote relaxation and even sleep can improve quality of life for moms or anyone in the family. For more information on oils visit to see how these oils can benefit you.


Dads most of the time want somewhere they can play music, watch sports, or play cards with friends. A finished home decorated basement is perfect for all of this as the game can be on a high volume without bothering anyone. The basement does not even have to be finished as a concrete floor just needs a few rugs to look like the perfect haven for a father. This can even be the place dad can nap during the day while the kids are running in and out of the home. A workshop outside can also be a great place for this to happen as sometimes all an adult needs is alone time.


Most of the time teens simply want to be left alone so the isolated room in the home is perfect for them. Purchasing a teen that loves to sleep in blackout curtains can make a huge difference in their sleep patterns and overall productivity. Those people who do not utilize a basement or a garage for anything but storage should consider turning this into a place for your teen to stay. Teens relax by being alone or having friends over so create a place where they can do both. A garage can be turned into a livable space simply by running a duct for heat or installing a window unit air conditioning.


A designated playroom where smaller children rarely have to clean up is their idea of relaxation. For a mother that needs every room in the home this can be a nightmare. Children can also be built tree houses or even a clubhouse in the yard. This can be a shed that is not used but it will mean the world to your children. If you run cable out to this shed or some kind of electricity you might have the home to yourself as the kids will want to be occupying the space that they consider just for themselves.

As you can see various members of the family relax in different ways. Try to accommodate all of your family when it comes to relaxation as everyone needs a chance to recharge after a long day or week.