How To Get A Workout While Cleaning Your Home

So, you’ve worked hard to get your nutrition under control but what about exercise?

Thanks to calorie counting apps, and meal plans that deliver food to your door, it’s easier than ever to make sure you are eating well. There are even supplements available if you are lacking nutrients or want help to control your appetite. Websites like Reviewy make it easy to understand which supplements are the right ones for you with their in-depth, unbiased reviews.

Sadly for us, science has not yet figured out how to put exercise in a pill form. In order to get all the benefits of exercise, we actually have to move our muscles. Not only is it hard to carve out time to exercise in our busy lives, but then we need to make sure to consistently keep at it. Most exercises regimens fail after we take a break and can’t get the motivation to start it up again.

How Can You Ensure Your Exercise Regimen Will Stick?

One way to make sure you will always make time for exercise is to combine it with your housework. If you are someone who enjoys living in a hygienic environment, you will always make time to clean and thus your exercise will always get done. Of course, before starting any exercise program, you should always consult with your doctor.

5 Ways to Exercise While Cleaning

First, get yourself motivating music. Next, don clothing that will let you bend, stretch and sweat. Then, try out these four ways to combine house cleaning and exercise.

  • Stair climb – Objects in my house tend to move around from room to room. Getting them to the right place means going up and down stairs multiple times. Get your heart rate up and put everything away by running up and down the stairs. Set a timer for 3 minutes and get moving. Each time you descend, take another item to bring upstairs.
  • Squatting while scrubbing the toilet – Try different types of squats while cleaning your porcelain throne. Position your feet on either side of the toilet bowl. Imagine there is a chair way behind you and lower yourself on it. Make sure your knees don’t come out over your toes. Do 10 squats then take a break to scrub the toilet and do 10 more afterwards.
  • Tricep curls with canned goods – Take a 28 ounce can of crushed tomatoes and place it between your hands. Hold your arms straight over your head. Then lower your hands behind your head and raise them up again for a tricep curl. Do this 12 times, making sure your elbows stay pointed forward. Take a break and do some dishes, then do another 12 curls.
  • Plank/pike while washing the floor – Get your floor sparkling clean by getting into plank position. Channel the Karate Kid by placing rags underneath your hands and making circular movements, using one hand at a time. Alternatively, you can pike. This time, place rags underneath your feet. Start in a plank position with your elbows on the floor. Then raise your hips high into the air and hold for a moment before lowering back to plank.