Whether you would like to keep up with home décor trends, or you simply need a change, you can give your apartment a fresh look without spending too much on it!

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All you need to do is make the right adjustments by being creative and knowing what you want to achieve. The following steps will give you an idea of where to look for the change you need. And if you are looking for a brand new apartment, be sure to check out Dallas Apartment Locators.

Change the Color

Most people choose a safe and a clean option by painting their walls a neutral color. This year, for a change, you could choose one of the bolder colors. Paint your bedroom lavender and your living room orange. You may think that is too much color and you want something more sophisticated. You can do that by painting an accent wall and use neutral colors for the rest of the walls.

The colors to consider this year are earthy hues. A dark green accent wall could give your living room a sense of mysterious serenity. Alternatively, you could choose one of the luxurious accents such as black, deep purple or indigo. If your furniture is of one color, adding playful wallpaper on a wall could help stir up the excitement in the room.

Adding crown molding instantly makes rooms look classier and adds texture to walls.

Move your Furniture Around

As simple as that, shifting furniture around a room could change its overall look. Create a new perspective by opening up space. Instead of replacing all of it, you can add visual value to the room by adding certain smaller pieces of furniture and accents. Add throws, cushiness, lamps, a side table, or a chair which could be a centerpiece on its own.

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Replace the Floors

Tear up your old carpets and add wooden floorboards. This may be the biggest investment on the list but it is worth it. The warmth and the look that the wood gives to your apartment cannot be otherwise achieved. Also, as a natural material, it is very fashionable. Throw in a rug for warmth and texture. The rug can be yet another accent feature in the apartment, do not be afraid to match it with as little as cushions, or let it make a statement of its own.

Change the Light

You can change the amount and the type of light each room gets. Whatever you do, make sure it is practical as your overall mood and productivity depend on it. Add new, bright and thin window treatments which will let the sun in and adjust it by the means of their color. Floral draperies are a perfect refreshment for the spring season. Orange curtains give any room the summer-afternoon look with its beautiful warm light. Change lampshades and replace your old light fixtures with mother ones. Pendant lights are currently very popular.

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Open up space by freeing it up. Declutter your home by removing any furniture you find redundant. While you are at it, try minimalism. Since this is a lifestyle and not just décor, it may require a more fundamental change. Give it a go by renting some self storage units to keep your belongings safe while you are trialing the style. You can also use the storage for seasonal things and reduce clutter in your closet.


Purchase old vintage pieces, or use some of your own. Refinish them and make them a centerpiece. An old wooden chest can easily become a trendy coffee table. Collect pebbles, wash them, and put them in a bowl. Dry flowers and add them to the picture. There are plenty of decorative items and designs you can create on your own. Using chic details such as metal and glass pieces will add the sense of style. These pieces go beautifully as wall art on luxurious accent walls mentioned above. Do not be afraid to mix styles and add color.

With the spring at our doorsteps, the timing is perfect for revamping your apartment. You do not need to do a total remodel or replace all of your furniture in order to get a new look. Work with what you have and add some finishing touches. This will give you a new beginning for the new season.