4 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Mattress

Learn how to choose the perfect mattress for your bed and have a good nights rest!

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Your mattress is an essential accessory unless you’re truly an armchair warrior. You spend (ideally) eight or more hours a night in your bed. A mattress that isn’t a fit for your body results in aches, pains, poor circulation and joint problems.

If you already have problems like sciatica or arthritis, a mattress that doesn’t fit your needs will make these problems unbearable, while the perfect mattress is an investment in quality sleep and a pleasant day. Here are four tips for choosing a perfect mattress.

Talk to Your Doctor

If you think you need a new mattress because of health problems or suspect your health problems are made worse by your mattress, talk to your doctor. Your doctor may not be able to recommend a specific brand of mattress, but they can tell you what mattress features you actually need. For example, a padded mattress top may feel soft but you may need an inflated mattress to set it at the right degree of softness. If you feel like you’re overheating at night, is the issue airflow around the mattress or hormonal?

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Do Your Research

Do your research before you buy a mattress. A mattress that says it prevents overheating or offers support for your aching back is using marketing tactics to make a sale. Check a review site like Sleep Junkie to see what real users actually say. Do people with back pain say it offers the right degree of support? If the bed advertises itself as completely supportive, do people with hip and back problems due to age or pregnancy agree? Even if the mattress of your choice and budget may not have all the options you would like, you can always purchase add-ons that cost much less than having them built into the bed. Something like a non-electric bed warmer is a great addition to your bed to prevent back pain and sore muscles.

Test the Mattress

Don’t bounce on the side of the mattress to see if it offers the right degree of support. Lie down on it for at least ten minutes. This gives your body time to sink into the mattress and feel whether or not it offers the support you want. There is a difference between firm feel and firm support. Only by lying on it in your normal position for a while can you tell the difference and make certain the end result is what you want.

If you’re sleeping with a partner, both of you should lie on it, since both of you should be happy with it. If you’re looking for a mattress that prevents the motion of one person getting out of bed waking the other, repeat that behaviour and see if the remaining partner is actually undisturbed.

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Test the Rest of the Bed

The promise of being able to sleep easy because you can adjust the bed may be false if the hassle isn’t worth it. For example, if you’re considering an adjustable bed, test to see how easy the controls are to manipulate and determine how loud it is. A bed that promises to adjust to an upright angle so you can read or watch TV may not elevate to the angle you want.

Choosing a mattress is an investment, one that will follow you for years to come. So, if you want your mattress to provide you with the comfort and durability, make sure that you follow the tips outlined in this article.

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