Improve Your Walls: 5 Great Ways to Bring Them to Life!

The walls of a house can be one of the best ways in which a house becomes a home and can be brought to life in a variety of different ways!

Photos By: Pexels

Indeed, the walls of each room could potentially be considered a blank canvas, which would then allow for anyone to do what they wish with them in order to make the room that they create appear a little more pleasing on the eye visually, whilst they can also provide other functional benefits such as creating space that may not initially have been available. These are just five of the best ways in which the walls of your home can be improved, with many being easily achievable and taking a rather short period of time.


Hanging artwork may be one of the easiest ways in which the walls of any building will instantly be brought to life and also become a feature, as they could become a conversation starter. For example, the wall art that has been created by graffiti artist Alec Monopoly features designs including the famous board game character will instantly be something that will likely get those who see the pieces talking, whilst they will also add a rather quirky feel to the room that it is placed in. Artwork is a great expression tool that can help to provide an insight into a person’s personality and interests, whilst they are also generally visually pleasing pieces that can be looked at a number of times, rather than a blank wall.


Another way walls can be improved in an instant and in an incredibly easy method is by placing ornaments on the wall. There are many examples in which this can be achieved, with some deciding to opt for a traditional clock that they can display, whilst others will look to display family heirlooms such as expensive pieces of China, such as plates, or even decorate their walls with family photos. This particular method is another way of expressing personality and character within a home, whilst also providing a rather emotional aesthetic within the home, as there may be some meaning behind the ornaments being used that can provide those viewing them with a range of happy emotions.


For many, space can become a rather big problem at times as properties may not have all the required dimensions needed in order to store certain things. This can be in any particular establishment and does not necessarily have to be a home, however houses are arguably the main place that can benefit from shelving. By adding shelves to the walls, a new dimension has essentially been added to the house, whilst there has been the addition of space that is required without necessarily having cost any pre-existing space to have been lost because of the decision to add the shelves. These shelves can be placed essentially anywhere on the walls, although generally of a high level, and they can provide additional storage facilities, or they can help to bring the entire room to life as items such as candles or house plants can be added to add to the overall ambience of the room.

Make one Wall a Feature Piece

One way in which the walls can be improved is by making them a center-piece of a room and making them a feature. For instance, when taking a room that has four walls, decorating one completely different to the other three will instantly provide some life to the room whilst also potentially making the room feel a little larger than it potentially is.

There are a number of different ways in which this can be done, with various different designs and materials all possible to use, thus giving users the freedom to do what they want and be able to achieve a result that they are keen on obtaining.

Use Different Materials

As already mentioned briefly, one way in which your walls can be improved is by going against tradition and doing something a little different via the use of other materials. Whilst most may use wallpaper or paint to decorate their walls, it is also possible to decorate the walls with fabrics.

Using fabrics could be a potentially great way to find a color that works with the theme of the room, whilst also complementing the furniture that is available in the room. Furthermore, it is something that can be changed on a frequent basis if required, whereas wallpaper or paint can be an expensive and time-consuming activity.