How Choose a Wall Mounted Fireplace to Suit You

Looking for the perfect fireplace? Here are some tips and tricks on how to choose the right fireplace for your home!

Fireplaces that you hang on the wall are chic, sophisticated and offer a sense of class and style to a room. They are the perfect way to create an elegant focal point and at the same time have an enormous benefit adding a heat source to your home. However with so much choice available it can be difficult to decide which fireplace is right for you. Here are a few things you should consider before making your purchase.

beautiful wall mounted fireplace
Photo: Gibson Living

1. Consider the wall you will hang it on

Where you choose to hang your fire will affect the choice you make. The height and width of the wall will determine the size of the fireplace you can buy and the walls material will also influence the choice too. Solid brick walls are generally the best place to hang wall mounted fireplaces as they are stronger. You can hang them on some other types of wall too but you will need the appropriate fittings to ensure it is secure. Measure the space you want to put the fire in to ensure it will fit properly. They generally look best centred with an equal amount of space either side.

2. The colors and décor of the room 

It is definitely worth thinking about the room’s current décor and colors before buying your new fireplace. There are tons of easy fireplace decorating ideas, so set aside enough time to choose a theme and color palette. You might adore its tones in the shop or online store but if it clashes with your room that it could become more of an eyesore than a focal point so try and choose one that ties in with your choice of décor. If you can’t find one that matches than it is a good idea to pick one that is finished in neutral toned material.

3. Do you have a chimney?

Most modern wall mounted fireplaces do not require a chimney and many are maintenance free. However if you choose a gas, coal or wood burning fire then you will need adequate ventilation in the form of a chimney, flue or similar. Properly venting your fire can be expensive so include this in your budget before making a decision. Electric and ethanol fireplaces tend to be the easiest and most economical to install as they do not require vents or heat sources to work.

4. Will it be the primary heat source?

People have different reasons for installing a fire, some want it to be a decorative focal point, some want it to heat the room others want it for both equally. If you want your fire purely for aesthetic reasons then you can simply choose the one that will look nicest in your room. However, if you want it for heating or for both then it is worth considering the fire’s output and the materials it is made from. Ethanol fireplaces with bigger burners will produce more heat and last longer while those with smaller burners will be less powerful and more suitable for smaller spaces. Both will add a wonderful ambience but the smaller one won’t heat a larger room very well so will probably require an additional heat source. Similarly, electric fires with higher wattage will be better for larger rooms.