Create an Antique Mirror Effect for a Charming and Romantic Look

We love antiques, but what we don’t love is the price! If you’ve ever seen any antique mirrors at flea markets or antique shops, and wanted one for your home, here is an easy way to recreate the same look for cheap!

Giving a mirror an antique look is an easy way to spruce up a flea market find, or add a layer of interest to an ordinary mirror. Any type of mirror can be aged using this method, and that includes mirrored plexiglass.

create an antique mirror effect diy cheap easy

You’ll This is what you’ll need: 

– A mirror or plexiglass.

– Latex gloves to protect your hands.

– Paint stripper.

– Putty knife.

– Modern Masters Metal Effects Black Patina or regular bleach. This solution is an acid that eats at the surface of the mirror. Modern Masters works well and can be found online or in most art supply stores.  If you’re cheap (like us!) you can use regular household bleach. The effect is the same.

– 1″ chip brush.

– Silver paint of your choice.

Step 1:

Put on the gloves and place the mirror face down on a protected surface. Make sure you’re in a well-ventilated area. Apply the paint stripper to the back of the mirror and allow it to sit for a few hours, or until the paint can be easily removed. When you’ve stripped the paint, wash the mirror with soap and water and allow it to dry.

how to create an antique aged mirror effect diy cheap easy flea market find revamp

Step 2:

Place the mirror again on a protected surface and dip your brush into the patina (or bleach) solution and apply it to the raw reflective surface of the mirror. Mirrors age from the edges inward, so it’s best to apply the patina in heavier amounts around the edges. In a few minutes the patina will begin to eat away at the reflective surface. Continue applying the patina until the level of ageing is achieved. Rinse the mirror with water to stop the ageing process. Allow to dry.

how to create an antique aged mirror easy diy cheap antiques flea marked find revamp2

create an antique mirror effect diy cheap easy decorating on a budget

Step 3:

Now you need to reapply paint to the back of the mirror. The color of the paint will be visible through the spots that were eaten away by the patina. Antique aged mirrors tend to have silver-grey spots. Apply paint until the reflective surface is covered completely and allow it to dry.

create an antique mirror effect decorating easy cheap

That’s it! Now you’re finished!

how to create an antique mirror effect decorating flea market finds revamp ordinary mirror

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Photos and idea: Apartment Therapy, Decor Adventures.