What Flowers Bloom All Year? Check Out This List!

If you’re tired of waiting all winter for your flowers to bloom, why not invest in some plants that stay in bloom all year? Here’s a list of our favorite flowers that stay beautiful all year long!

Give your home a taste of spring with flowers that will keep blooming even when winter starts to set in! To keep them looking good and in bloom, it’s important to keep them indoors or in a greenhouse. Continuous fertilizing is needed to give the plant energy to produce healthy flowers. Check out these beautiful varieties!

1. Orchid 

There are many orchid varieties that will stay in bloom all year, and some keep a single bloom for most of the year. Try a phalaenopsis orchid, they’re easy to grow and upkeep.


2. Dicentra 

Native to North America, these flowers bloom from early spring into the fall even when grown outdoors. They’re available in red, pink and white. Make sure to keep them in partial shade.

Dicentra spectabilis

3. Hibiscus 

Keep these plants inside with plenty of water and fertilizer, and you’ll have flowers all year. They can grow up to 5 feet tall, so cutting them back regularly is needed. They’re available in solid and multicolored varieties.


4. African Violets 

African violets grow best indoors and should be watered at room temperature water. They only need a little bit of fertilizer to keep in bloom all year long.


6. Flowering Maple

This plant can grow upright like a tree, or be kept in a hanging basket. Keep it in bright sunlight and the soil moist.

Flowering Maple Emgrid (1)

7. Streptocarpus 

This plant will bloom continuously if it’s given the right conditions. Give it medium to bright sunlight and the soil barely moist. It’s available in pink, white, red, and purple.


Photos: Healthy Home Gardening, Pflanzplan, Fancy Hibiscus, Up From the Roots, Gold Hill Plant Farm, Biopix.

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