Add Value to Your Home : Custom Closets in Vancouver

An investment in custom closet design is an ideal way to increase the value of your home.

Purchase functional closet fixtures like valet rods and tilt-out laundry bins; reduce clutter with a three pile sorting system; strategically hang similar-sized clothes together, while placing jewelry or personal items like watches on a tray for quick access.


Every person needs their clothing, shoes and belongings stored away securely and efficiently. Some may use complicated systems arranged according to color, season or occasion while others might simply have an incoherent collection that makes perfect sense to them alone. 

Standard closets cannot keep up with such variations but custom closet designs can. A professional designer will collaborate with you to develop a plan tailored precisely to your space and habits in order to use every inch of closet storage effectively.

When selecting a closet design company, make sure that they offer both in-home and virtual consultations. Furthermore, look for companies with a large customer base and excellent reviews as well as offering full warranties and providing references.

Once you have chosen a company, the design process can begin. Some offer 3D designs which give an accurate representation of what your completed closet will look like while others may offer DIY installation which may be less expensive but requires more technical knowledge.

A professionally designed closet can do much more than simply provide storage for clothes and other belongings; it can add value to your home as well. According to the National Association of Realtors, professionally designed custom closets add significant monetary value. You can visit this site for more tips.


Custom closets provide homeowners with several material choices when it comes to creating the interior space they desire. Melamine has quickly become one of the most sought-after choices due to its durability and sag resistance, making it an attractive and cost-effective alternative to wood for customizing closets.

Melamine differs from natural wood in that it doesn’t contain organic materials that are susceptible to mold and mildew growth, as well as being water-resistant and being capable of supporting heavy weight without warping. You can see here to find out more about this material.

Furthermore, it’s easy cleaning properties and range of colors and finishes makes choosing one an effortless process – creating an environment in which your closet feels right at home!

Other popular custom closet materials include wire, wood and plywood. While these materials still make great closet solutions, they do have some drawbacks; wire closets for instance can catch clothing when being hung up, making it harder to locate items when needed. Furthermore, wire closets are typically not constructed to hold heavier objects and may not last as long.

Wooden closets can be the ideal storage solution for those who appreciate natural wood’s aesthetics and have enough funds to afford one. Wooden wardrobes are strong and sturdy – ideal for accommodating heavy clothes or boxes – yet susceptible to warping and moisture issues if placed near steamy bathrooms.

If you’re considering creating a custom closet in your home, contact a professional builder who can assist with designing and installing them. These builders, such as the ones at closet systems in Vancouver will know all the local building codes as well as how to work around obstacles such as plumbing or electricity. Moreover, they have all the right tools necessary for installing them safely and efficiently.

Ultimately this is the best way to ensure that your new custom closets are constructed using quality materials that last the longest possible.


Light is key when creating an exquisite custom closet design, and choosing the appropriate lighting can turn any closet from merely functional into an eye-catching display. The right lights will help you quickly locate what you’re searching for while adding an appealing look that enhances any space.

Lighting is a key factor when creating the ideal closet experience, especially since improper illumination can diminish color tones and obscure garments’ features.

Closets can be cramped spaces, with lighting often obscured by clothes hanging on hangers. To address this, look for ceiling-mounted closet lighting fixtures designed specifically to illuminate while saving energy through low wattage LED fixtures designed specifically for closets. 

By upgrading to long-lasting LED fixtures you’ll save energy while enjoying brighter clothing items and items on hangers.

Increase the functionality of your closet by installing under-cabinet task lighting. This type of illumination is perfect for lighting any countertops or cabinets where jewelry, ties and other accessories are stored, making it easier to coordinate outfits by being able to quickly identify which pieces go together.

One way to add functionality and luxury to your closet is with lighted shelves, which allow you to see each garment clearly while giving your closet that boutique-esque feel.

Add some glamour and luxury to your closet by replacing its overhead light with beautiful sconces. When combined with the appropriate palette they can help create a calm, relaxing environment – ideal for winding down after an exhausting day!


Custom closet companies typically provide follow-up service and replacement parts beyond any initial warranty offered by DIY closet organizer kits, giving homeowners peace of mind knowing their closet will always have access to professional support when questions or problems arise. They can reach out whenever necessary for guidance, answers or troubleshooting solutions.

Selecting a quality custom closet company is essential to creating a high-quality product for your space. When looking for one, seek one with experience with similar projects and an online showroom showing samples of products you may consider. 

Also inquire about their design process so you can make informed choices based on your needs and desired vision for the space.

Professional closet builders also understand code compliance requirements and can work around existing wiring and plumbing, saving homeowners from mistakes which might otherwise require costly repairs or replacements later on.

Custom closets often boast features that add a luxurious feel to any home, such as adjustable shoe shelves and hampers, tie racks, belt racks and jewelry cabinets. These additions can also serve as major selling points when selling your house; prospective buyers often notice these features first when viewing homes for sale.

Finding the ideal custom closet can make all the difference in your life. A good custom closet design will transform an otherwise chaotic closet into one that complements your lifestyle and helps boost confidence, leaving you more prepared to face each new day ahead of you. Plus, this project could actually pay for itself through increased property value – so don’t put off starting this exciting adventure!