How to Get the Wrong Key Out of a Lock?

Can’t open your car door? You might’ve tried some of the solutions, and now you are out of them!

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Use a Lockpick

If you have lost the key to your lock, or it has broken off in the lock, and you cannot remove it, you need a lock pick.

A lockpick is a small metal rod or tool used to push pins inside a cylinder back into place so they can be turned. While many different styles of lock picks are available on the market, they all work the same way.

You will need to insert the end of your pick into the keyhole, then move it around until you find two pins touching each other. Once you feel around with your pick, you can tell when these two pins have been pushed apart. At this point, you can turn one of them easily by applying pressure with your thumb or index finger.

Repeat this process until all the pins have been pushed back into place and turned freely in their grooves so that they no longer touch each other when turned in opposite directions.

Use a Hacksaw Blade

A hacksaw blade is a simple tool that can be used to remove the wrong key from a lock. The process is quite similar to using a screwdriver. The only difference is that you will be turning the blade in the opposite direction of the way you would turn a screwdriver.

If you have a hacksaw blade, you can use it as a makeshift key. Just insert the blade into the lock and turn it in the direction that opens it (counterclockwise). The blade will eventually wear down enough that it’ll be able to slide between the tumblers within the lock and turn them until they align with each other, allowing you to open your door again.

Remove the Ignition

If you have a key stuck in the ignition, you will need to remove the ignition cylinder. This may require some disassembly and removing the steering wheel. If you are uncomfortable doing this, then take it to a professional.

The first thing you need to do is remove the ignition. This will require either a special tool or some very small pliers. The tool looks like a small screwdriver and can be purchased at most auto parts stores. You can also find one online if you do not want to buy one locally.

Once you have removed the ignition, you can use your fingers on either side of the keyhole to pull it out.

Don’t Force Your Way

The first thing to remember is that you should never force your way into the lock, as it could damage the mechanism and make things worse. This is especially important if you have an electronic key, as this could cause damage to the chip inside. Be gentle and take your time to prevent damage, or call a locksmith

Top Atlanta Locksmith

Losing keys is not something that only happens to you. It’s a common problem in many households and businesses. People often wonder how to replace or get the wrong key out of a lock. In desperation, you may have been tempted to try another key, but then you have another problem. More and more people are accidentally locking themselves out of their homes today with the increased number of keys they own. We can help remove the wrong key from the lock by sending a locksmith in Dunwoody to help.