Top 5 Hacks For Perfect Sleeping Environment

Getting a night of good sleep is something all of us know is good for us. It can ensure we perform well at school or work, are well-rested and are generally in a better mood!

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A lack of sleep can even be bad for our health. Unfortunately, many of us will struggle to both get asleep and stay asleep. One of the reasons why many people struggle to sleep is because their sleeping environment is poor. Thankfully, there are a few things you can do to give your sleeping environment the boost it needs. With that in mind, let’s go over 5 hacks for the perfect sleeping environment.

Get a Better Mattress

Perhaps the most important part of good sleep is a great mattress. You will be spending around 8 hours on it daily, so you need to make sure it offers you the comfort and support you need. When choosing a mattress, be sure to know your preferred position for sleeping. Not all mattresses are created equally and some will be better for you than others. For example, the best mattress for side sleepers may not be the best for those who sleep on their backs. In addition to the type of mattress you feel the most comfortable using, don’t forget to get the right size. You want one that offers ample space for you and your partner, but still, comfortably fits in your room.

Clean Your Room

Another way you can actually optimize your sleeping environment is by keeping it clean. In addition to simply looking better, a clean room is often easier to sleep in. Knowing your room is clean often reduces stress, which can make falling asleep much easier. Also, a room full of dust particles and other allergens in the air can disrupt otherwise comfortable sleep. Of course, be sure to know the optimal way to clean your room. For example, you should wash bed sheets and curtains weekly should keep your closet organized, and take a little time every day for cleaning as opposed to letting it build up over time.

Ensure the Room Can Get as Dark as Possible

The light in your bedroom is another important aspect of your sleeping environment. For optimal sleeping conditions, your room should be as dark as possible. Ensure all lights are turned off, and blinds or curtains are shut. In addition to using standard curtains, consider getting blackout shades, curtains or blinds. These can make sure your room stays about as pitch black as possible for the best sleep. Also, in addition to those tips, consider getting lights that dim for your room. This can allow you to have the lights on, without blinding yourself. If you can’t get dimming lights, find LEDs that give off a more subtle glow. It will be easier on the eyes and help you fall asleep easier.

Keep Your Room Cool

The temperature of a room is something many people may not think about but is absolutely critical to the success of your sleep. If you sleep in a room that is too hot, you will often wake up sweating and it can make for a very uncomfortable night. On the other hand, if your room is too cold, no amount of blankets can get you comfortable enough to sleep. You should pick a temperature that is a little bit on the cooler side, but not too cold. Generally, a bedroom temperature around 65 degrees F is an okay place to start. If you find yourself getting a little cold at this temperature, consider grabbing an extra blanket instead of cranking the heat. Of course, feel free to make small adjustments based on your preference.

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The Room Should be Quiet

Noise is another big disruption in an otherwise good sleeping environment. If your room or home is full of loud pets, buzzing appliances, cars driving by and other annoyances, it could be tough to fall asleep. Your room should be as quiet as possible at night, along with the rest of your home. Even something like the tick of a clock can be enough to keep people up. If the noises are out of your control, consider investing in some earbuds that can be worn to sleep and can block out noise. Of course, be sure any product you use or buy is high-quality and won’t hurt you in any way.

While some people like a little bit of white noise when they sleep, this isn’t always the case. If you find yourself struggling to sleep in complete silence, consider downloading an app for white noise, or playing some relaxing sounds on your phone.

The right sleeping environment is crucial to getting a night of good sleep. The information and hacks included in this article will be able to help ensure your environment is right for you to have a restful night of sleep every night.