Vinyl click flooring is a fast and easy flooring option. Did you hear about it before?

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Vinyl Click flooring is a type of Luxury Vinyl Pipe (LVT) that fluently locks together- hence the name “ click” flooring. It has all the same benefits as regular LVT, similar as continuity, warmth, and water resistance, but adds the point of quick and easy installation.

Where Can it be Used?

  1. It’s a finagled floating bottom that’s completely leakproof. This means that it can work in numerous corridors of your home, including mudrooms, kitchens, and bathrooms, which are generally out of the question when placing wood- look flooring because of the possibility of contact with water. 
  2. Vinyl Click bottoms lock together tightly, which prevents water from percolating through to the underfloor.
  3. This flooring can be used on cement, determinedness, pipe, laminate and other flat subfloors. Since vinyl click is so quick and straightforward to put in ,it makes for an excellent DIY flooring installation.

How to Use

  • Vinyl click flooring has a locking medium on the edges of the boards, allowing the flooring to be ‘clicked’ together.
  • There’s no need for any complex tools, nails or cement. This means they can be laid over the top of an underlay without the individual penstocks demanding to be fused down.
  • To put it relatively simply, vinyl click can look like anything. The face is covered with an ultra-realistic photographic subcaste, which can replicate any flooring material you want! This means it can look like dark wood, light gravestone or anything differently in between.

Formation Part

  • Vinyl click flooring is formed from multiple layers. The very top sub caste is made of a UV coating, and the alternate subcaste is a wear subcaste to cover against scrapes, dents, and sun, which cannot be seen by the naked eye.
  • The third subcaste is the bone you’ll actually see, which is the ornamental subcaste. This subcaste is the high resolution image subcaste, which comes in a variety of designs similar as wood grain, natural pipe, natural gravestone, or indeed ceramic pipe bottom. 
  • The layers under are the backing layers, which are generally made of PVC, fiberglass, and vinyl.

Cleaning Tips

When it comes to drawing vinyl click flooring, it’s veritably easy. In fact, they’re some of the easiest bottoms to clean. Since the penstocks are leakproof, you can fluently use a wet mop to clean up any dirt that could have erected up on the bottoms. 

Over time, the vinyl flooring might start to come dull as a result of the finish getting worn, but it’s nothing to worry about as it’s super easy to reapply the finish.

Buyers Guide

When trying to make a decision on what flooring you ought to place in your home, vinyl click flooring may be a perfect option. It’s easy to install, looks good, and can go in any room.


Click LVT Flooring is a cutting-edge sort of flooring that gives the look of real hardwood, tile, or stone flooring without the cost, care, or maintenance that comes with the real thing.

It all relies on your own requirements and preferences. If you prefer do-it-yourself installations, click is the logical option.