How To Secure Office Equipment During Relocation

Are you moving your office to a new place? Here is how to secure your equipment during relocation!

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Relocating to a new office can be exciting and stressful for all staff and employers. Finally, moving to a different and unique environment rouses positive emotions, and everyone is bustling with joy and curiosity. However, before celebrating the move, everyone needs to help secure all the necessary devices, equipment, furniture, and office tools. It’s crucial to smoothly and successfully transition into your new office. Safety is a prime concern when it comes to moving. Aside from avoiding damages, you’d want to ensure that nothing gets lost. All the paraphernalia in the office are valuable and should be treated and handled very well. Whether you decide to hire movers or do it yourself, it’s essential to secure them all before the moving day properly. Apply the following tips and trips to secure all your office equipment to get you started.

Provide Cushioning 

Everyone’s priority is to ensure that all the things being moved will remain in their original condition. Hence, you should invest in proper cushioning. Office supplies and equipment need cushioning when shipped, mainly if they are fragile. While it’s most preferred to put them back into their original boxes, this might not be possible anymore if these items have been used for a long time already.

To prevent damage, you must use the appropriate cushioning materials in their respective packaging to avoid the items from moving around.

  • Bubble Wraps. Bubble wraps come in different sizes, designs, and styles. There are bubble wrap bags or envelopes available wherein all you need to do is put the content inside and seal the front opening. There are also bubble wrap sheets intended for you to cover broader or bulkier stuff. They’re free-forming so that you can hide anything with them. The bubble wrap is designed with sacs filled with air to provide enough cushioning for your fragile office items. While many sizes are available, even the air inside the sac also comes in many types and sizes. 
  • Foam Sheets. Packaging foam is regarded as one of the most popular materials used for cushioning because it is flexible enough to be shaped into whatever shape is ideal for the item it is supposed to protect during transit. Like bubble wraps, foam sheets offer enough protection and safety for your office equipment and devices.  

Foam packaging is relatively dense and more extensive for unlimited office stuff. They’re widely available in sheets and rolls. You can also choose how thin or thick you want them to be. There are also firmness levels to ensure to protect your equipment better.

Don’t Forget To Label Everything 

To ensure a smoother relocation, make sure that everything is labeled. You can write on the box or use masking or lab tape so you can make them appear more visible. Ensure all the labels are legible and visible. By doing so, you can ensure that no items are lost, and you can proceed to rearrange everything promptly when you arrive in your new office. Such labels will guide everyone to know what’s in them before opening them. You can start creating a positive office environment when everything you need is already there.

Seal The Boxes Tight And Well 

It’s important to emphasize the importance of sealing the boxes well. Some may forgo this step and often break or fall off accidentally. Sometimes, people lose essential things inside, and it’s hard to determine who stole them, considering how many people are engaged with the move. It’s best not to overlook this tip and simply seal the box tight and well. When you use tape to seal boxes, you can see if they were already opened or someone attempted to break the seal. You may also seal your file cabinets and drawers by using evidence sealing tape over each drawer to ensure no one has tried to break in. 

Secure Desks And Office Furniture 

You can administer a rule for everyone with a desk to pack their own contents. Tell everyone to eliminate any items that are no longer in use and make sure all personal items are bubble wrapped. It’s best to inform everyone about the move a few days or weeks early so they can start packing little by little. If you hire movers, you can leave them to pack and unpack the desk and most of your startup office essentials

Let Professionals Handle The Equipment  

Monitors and hard drives should be appropriately labeled to guarantee that all employees receive original documents and information. Make sure the wiring and cords of each computer are bundled. Upon arrival in the new office, it’s best to install the computer and tools right away, to ensure that they’ve been appropriately handled and are working perfectly. Especially for printers, copiers, and servers, office IT equipment should be handled by qualified professionals. Such technical equipment is sensitive and should only be handled by experts. As for your phone systems, make sure that all phones are labeled clearly, and that cords are kept together. Ask your phone service provider if extensions can be maintained or new ones assigned to employees. 


When you realize that you have too many things to do and too many things to focus on, you will need assistance, so it’s best to hire professional movers. As listed above, take the necessary steps for your moving day and rely on the professionals to handle your relocation successfully. By doing so, you’ll get to transfer to your new office without so much stress and physical fatigue.