Going On A Long Holiday? Here’s How To Keep Your Car Safe

A long summer holiday is something that many people look forward to!

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And while it’s important to get away and enjoy the break, it’s also good to be able to plan ahead in order to keep your car safe when you’re away. This article offers some tips on how people can make sure their cars are kept safe when they go on long holidays. 

Rent A Storage Unit

One of the best ways to keep your car safe when you go on a long holiday is by renting out a storage unit. Many people prefer this method because it won’t cost them much money and they’ll be able to get access to their cars whenever they want to. This is especially true in certain locations, and it is safe to say that self storage in Caloundra is often affordable, with a reasonable storage room. Parking in a lot or area where people can see it constantly might not be the best idea if you are planning to go on holiday for a long time. That is why a better idea would be to rent out a storage unit for your car if you’re going away for months at a time. It’ll ensure that your car doesn’t get stolen or damaged while you’re gone and will keep your mind at rest when heading off on holidays knowing that everything is secure.

Buy A Car Cover

Another thing you can do to make sure your car is safe when going on a long holiday is by purchasing a car cover. If the area where you live gets a lot of rain, this might not be the best idea due to rusting and other problems associated with keeping cars covered up. But if the place where you live doesn’t get much precipitation then investing in a car cover will be money well spent as it’ll keep your car looking good for longer and will keep people from seeing what’s underneath. Just remember that some covers are designed for outside usage while others aren’t so check the label before buying one to ensure it’s suitable for use in your area. 

Buy Car Tracking Devices

Another thing people looking to keep their cars safe when going on long holidays may want to invest in is car tracking devices. These are great to have if you’re worried about your car being taken while you’re away, or if you leave it in a public area where someone might think they can take advantage of it being there for an extended time period. There are plenty of options to choose from when it comes to investing in a tracking device so do some research into which one is right for your needs before parting with any cash. Some options include:

  • Lojack – this device sends a signal to the police if it’s been moved and is tracked in real-time. This is a great option for cars that are expensive or have a lot of personal items inside them.
  • Skyhook Wireless – when you use this device, it will send signals from your car to your smartphone without any need for mobile phone networks. This means it’ll work in remote areas where there isn’t much reception so you won’t have to worry about finding out who has stolen your car after you’ve lost all hope of getting it back.
  • Veri-Chip – this uses GPS technology to track down where your vehicle is at any given moment, making it easy for you to get help if the worst happens.
  • Car Locks -if you want something that’s cheap, but effective then investing in car locks will do just fine. These are especially good for people who don’t own very expensive cars and can be easily broken into without too much effort. They might not offer the best security, but they’re great for keeping your car safe while you go on holiday knowing that there are some preventative measures against thieves out there. 

Pack In Your Garage

If you have a garage, then an option is to keep your car in it when going away on a long holiday. If you decide this, add security measures to the garage to make sure that thieves can’t get in and steal your car when you’re not home. Installing a garage alarm is a good idea, as is adding extra security locks to the doors or windows to keep unwanted people from getting in. 

Just remember that when you’re going on a long holiday, it’s not worth taking risks with your car. Sure, you want to go away and enjoy yourself but investing in these devices will be money well spent if they can save you from losing hundreds of dollars worth of damage or theft. So keep this information in mind before heading off on that big holiday. By following the tips above, not only will you feel more relaxed about leaving your car behind when departing, but you’ll also have greater peace of mind knowing that it’s protected while you’re having fun elsewhere.