How to Keep the Pests Away from Garden Areas

Keeping pests away from your garden is easier than you think. Keep reading!

Photos By: Unsplash

Pests are always trouble, but not all insects are pests. There is not just the conventional method to rely on when it comes to pest control on a small scale. Every gardener has their little tips and techniques. So here’s exploring some of those unconventional, new ways used to deter pests away. 

Preventive Seeds

Select a variety of seeds that are known to have resistance to common pests. Study the suitable varieties available before making the purchase—for instance, fly-resistant carrot seeds.

Physical Barriers 

Mesh covers can be rested upon plants to prevent the attack of pests. They can either be supported by hoops or secured at the edge by heavyweights. Covers are an excellent solution for Caterpillar prone brassicas and barring insects like carrot fly, squash bugs, aphids. 

Pest Repelling Plants 

Did you know that the most common plants like catnip, basil, and mint can be used to repel certain insects? Henceforth they are used to deter pests from the main crop by being planted in and around them. Nasturtium is the most common of these plants, and it is used to repel aphids, caterpillars, Beetles and Sheild bugs. In fact, the list includes some of the most readily available plans like oregano parsley, basil chives, Marigold and thyme. 

Neem Oil

Coming back to the old method, it’s pretty popular and cost-effective. It’s mentioned in this article, despite being common is because it can be easily made at home. It contains an active called azadirachtin, which is toxic for the insect. Once ingested, it can cause the animal to lose its appetite as well as stop mating. This consequently reduces their number in the garden.

Diatomaceous Earth

So this does not come as a part of tricks and preventive measures, but organic pesticides can definitely be used to deter pests away from the small garden in your backyard. Beetles, worms, fleas, mites and spiders, are deterred using this pesticide. Its sharp, edgy particles can penetrate the waxy layer of the insect’s skin, henceforth dehydrating and killing it. Powdered forms of Bacillus thuringiensis and Kaolin Clay are also effective pesticides made from natural occurring materials. Several other methods like crop rotation, trap crop, biological control can be easily used for your garden, but these are the most talked-about ways you must have already heard of. 

You can always explore deep and invent methods of your own to get rid of the nasty pests. Happy gardening. If you are planning to get the pest removal done by the professional experts, than you can contact Pest Control Company like Empire Pest Control in London.