Sleep Better at Home With a Weighted Blanket – Here’s Why Homeowners Are Obsessed With Them!

Most homeowners feel that including a weighted blanket in their sleep will help reduce stress and promote a sense of calm!

Photos By: Pexels

Similar to hugs, the gentle pressure from a weighted blanket tends to help alleviate health issues like autism, insomnia, and anxiety. Different from the normal bedding blankets, weighted blankets are made to be heavier and thicker. In weighted blankets, there are two design patterns: duvet and knitted blankets. Weighted blankets are inspired by deep touch pressure stimulation, using firm yet gentle pressure to promote a calm feeling. They offer a wide array of benefits, making lots of homeowners obsessed with them. Below, we’ll be revealing a few of the plethora of benefits associated with weighted blankets and how it makes you sleep better at night. 

Reduces Anxiety And Restlessness

A calm state of mind is necessary for us to fall asleep. The deep touch pressure stimulation derived from weighted blankets offers a calm feeling that helps to ease anxiety. Given that deep touch pressure stimulation promotes sleep, the weighted blankets also aid symptoms of ADHD. Deep touch pressure stimulation reduces restlessness, helping adults and children as well with symptoms of ADHD. And according to research, it also helps with sleep-related problems. 

Easing Restless Leg Syndrome

Sleeping might be difficult with restless leg syndrome, as this condition gets worse at night, hindering you from getting quality sleep. Given that compression socks offer a bit of relief, they could turn out to be very troubling if they are too tight on you. As a patient of arthritis, you could also find it difficult to wear socks. Having a weighted blanket, you derive the benefits of gentle pressure without constriction to your legs. 

Better Sleep Quality

Most of us get enough sleep from time to time, but you hardly get that restorative sleep you want. A perfect example is when you wake up from sleep feeling very tired, as you haven’t gotten the adequate sleep you require. Getting a weighted blanket, according to the many guides online, will help in promoting your sleep quality. With the deep touch pressure stimulation from the blanket, it helps in stimulating serotonin. This hormone helps you fall asleep faster and remain asleep longer to feel energized when you wake up. 

Helps Control Panic Disorder 

Panic attacks can be difficult to deal with, especially at night. But you should feel a lot better with a weighted blanket. If you are a patient with panic disorder, you get to abstain from stressful activities that spike up your vulnerability to panic attacks. With a weighted blanket, you get to sleep better to feel less anxious when you wake up. By calming your hormones, a weighted blanket calms both the mind and body, making you less vulnerable to panic attacks. 

Relieves Travel Anxiety

Feeling anxious about your space in a car or airplane while traveling? You are not alone in this. Most of us get anxious over the crowd in airports, and residing in a strange environment can also be overwhelming. If you have this anxious feeling when traveling, a weighted blanket is always there to offer its benefits. The gentle pressure from the weighted blanket can help in producing serotonin. Based on research, 80% of people using weighted blankets are satisfied by the calming effect it provides. 

Eases PTSD Symptoms

If you have encountered any traumatic event in the past and go through PTSD due to it, a weighted blanket offers therapeutic benefits. PTSD is a critical condition as a result of traumatic events in the past. Veterans who were present in the crossfire can suffer from PTSD along with survivors of a car crash. Therapy is one of the available ways of easing PTSD, depression, and anxiety. Weighted blankets can also help in reducing symptoms of PTSD in survivors, as well as improving pulse and blood pressure. 

Helps Ease Autism Spectrum Disorders

While improving the sense of touch, a weighted blanket could help patients with autism to focus more on the gentle pressure from the weighted blanket rather than the surroundings in which they are present. Despite not much research on sleep benefits; in most cases, children with autism choose to use weighted blankets to sleep. Above all, the gentle pressure derived from weighted blankets promotes a calm feeling conducive enough to induce sleep. With this, anxious and tense people get the sleep they need. Even if you are going through pain, weighted blankets can help make you comfortable enough to get rest.

People suffering from arthritis or other painful situations derive enough comfort and relief from sleeping with weighted blankets. Countless people are also getting to find out that this unique blanket is a great alternative to sleeping pills. While stimulating calming hormones, weighted blankets help to put both the body and brain to rest.