Kitchen Must-Haves That You Probably Didn’t Know You Needed

These kitchen-must haves are some of our favorite gadgets we think every homeowner should have!

Photos By: Pexels

You can collect all the best gadgets and appliances to make your kitchen as fabulous and efficient as possible. But some gadgets are so small and simple, you wouldn’t have ever thought they would make such a big impact. So, if you truly want to make life easy, you’ve come to the right place. Here are some kitchen must-haves that you probably didn’t know you needed.

Adjustable Rolling Pin

You’re probably wondering why it took you so long to purchase an adjustable rolling pin. How many times have you baked in your kitchen and wished you had a little more elbow room? Well, now you don’t have to. This clever gadget can measure up to different sizes to suit your needs. This way, your dough will be evenly rolled out by simply slipping on the appropriate disc and screwing the knobs back on to hold it in place. 

Burger Press

Another hidden gem that every kitchen needs: a burger press. Making homemade burgers is fun for the whole family. It’s healthier and allows you to spice it up any way you like. It’s also a lot cheaper than ordering from your favorite burger joint. But getting that perfectly round shape can be challenging, especially if you don’t have the most steady hands. Avoid the bun coming apart in your slippery fingers by using a burger press. Place your ground beef into the device and press it down to make an even, perfect circular burger bun. 

Chest Freezers 

Long gone are the days when you needed to hurry back to the kitchen several times during a family BBQ to get the ice or ice-cold beverages for your loved ones. It’s quite surprising that this gem isn’t commonly found in most households. Investing in chest freezers is one of the best additions to your home as it is portable, can be carried anywhere, and has plenty of room for your beef cuts, your Tupperware, grains, and flours. These bad boys are also affordable and enhance your get-togethers. 

Butter Cutter

You’d be a nutter to turn down a butter cutter, especially since, to save money, it’s best to buy butter in bulk rather than in little packets. But, this poses an issue when baking as you try to get an accurate measurement of 1 cup of butter. Sure, with the sticks of butter it may be easier to add the right amount to your baking bowl, but buying the sticks isn’t exactly the most affordable option, especially if you tend to bake frequently. With a butter cutter, though, you won’t have to worry. Buy your butter in bulk and use this nifty tool to cut accurate measurements. 


This idea is so simple yet not many people have caught on. Investing in little sprayers will change how efficient your cooking style actually is. Fill these sprayers with olive oil to easily spray your baking dishes and pans or lemon juice to spray on cuts of fruit and vegetables to stop them from browning. It’s so unbelievably simple and makes life so much easier. 

Heating Knife 

The DIYer in you may be fine with heating up the kettle to soak your knives in warm water before cutting into your freshly baked brownies, but why take the long route when there’s a much easier way. It doesn’t cost you much to invest in a heating knife and you’ll be able to get a clean cut of baked goods fresh out of the oven without making a mess or spending an unnecessary amount of time getting your knife hot. 

Spill-proof Glasses 

We don’t know who invented the spill-proof glasses, but whether it’s a clumsy drinker or someone who was tired of having their carpet collect spills, it’s a brilliant invention. Whether you’ve got crazy kids running around with their juices or that one friend who needs supervision after one too many glasses of wine, you’re going to appreciate this item. Get yourself some spill-proof glasses and clean the carpet no more! 

It’s safe to say, your mind will be blown as you wonder how you never thought of the tools on this list before. Sprayers, for instance, are so versatile and cheap and yet we don’t reap the benefits, or how about the fact that you can end your struggles with an unnecessarily large rolling pin by getting an adjustable one. You may think that these items aren’t essential, but if you cook frequently, this will make your tasks so much more enjoyable. So, what are you waiting for? Get your kitchen must-haves list ready and start ticking them off. You’ll enjoy cooking so much more once you see how these little ideas are so immensely useful.