Keep Your Home Safe! Here’s How to Increase Security in Your Home!

When building or buying a house, you will want it to be safe and secure for everyone living in it!

Photo By: Pixabay

Every homeowner’s dream is to have a safe place that’s secured from any intruders. However, despite people making efforts to achieve this, data from the FBI shows that house burglary continues to rise every day. Nowadays, burglars are forcing entry into houses once every 30 seconds in the United States. This trend is worrying.

The good news about this is that there are now sophisticated devices and ways homeowners can use to make their houses safer and secure. Experts from Network Security can help us understand ways to increase security in our homes. If homeowners could embrace these ways and gadgets, there could be fewer burglary and theft cases in our homes. Here are some ways you can increase security in your home.

Upgrading Your Home Security System

Which type of security system are you using for your home? Is it the current or still using the outdated methods? If you have not yet installed a home security system, it’s time to make a move and install a modern security system. A home without a security system is more likely to be broken into than one that has one. Your home security system should include an outdoor camera that will capture what’s going on in your compound at any given time. Moreover, a wireless outdoor security camera will make the job easier, including scaring away the thieves and recording their actions as they try to break your house. Besides keeping your home secure, the security system enables you to get the facial details of the individuals tempting to break into your place on time.

Upgrading Your Door Locks

It will not be an intelligent move to lock your house with inferior locks. One thing that thieves target when wanting to break your home is the locks. The weaker the locks, the more your house will be targeted. Therefore, it is essential to invest in secure door locks for your home. 

To begin with, get some deadbolts for your exterior doors and ensure your doors and window frames have some of the most robust hinges to hold your door firmly, even when attempting to break them. Older door and windows hinges are exposed, meaning it’s easier to tamper with them. If having the same in your house, upgrade them with hidden hinges and ensure you get some good locks, including the smart locks that will keep your house secure every time. 

Lock your Doors and Windows

The first step of keeping your house safe is by locking the doors and windows of your house anytime, even when home. Unfortunately, not many people do this consistently and thus compromise the security of their homes. For example, burglars often move from one house to another, looking for easy targets. If they find your door or windows unlocked, they might peep in or get inside and wait for the right time to rob your house. Never give burglars this chance by ensuring all your house openings are always locked. Lock them when at home and ensure you fasten them when leaving the house. You can also install windows and door sensors that ensure that your doors are locked well. Like a vehicle alarm, they work by alerting you of a door or window not closed properly. 

Light Up Your Outdoor Space

Most house breaks and garage theft happens at night when the place is dark, and everyone is asleep. To scare away burglars and thieves from getting to your home, ensure that your outdoor space is well lit during the day and at night. During the day, you can maximize the natural light, while at night, you can install full lights or motion-sensor lights that go on when someone gets into your compound. These lights will catch invaders off-guard and will possibly scare them away, thinking you have noticed their invasion. 

Never Leave Your Valuables Exposed

Exposing your home’s valuables will trigger burglars and other passersby to try and steal them, even when they had no intention of doing so. For instance, keeping your electronics, cash, or other valuables will make thieves find a plan of getting into your house and have the items. The same happens when you don’t secure your vehicle or other items in your compound. 

Therefore, it is essential to hide whatever is valuable in your house. You can start by building a solid fence, having curtains in your windows, or tinting the windows to ensure that your house interior is not visible from the outside. No one will want to get inside a home that they know nothing about.

There are many sophisticated ways you can keep your home secure, with some highlighted above. However, even though the old ways are still working to keep thieves away, it is essential to incorporate modern ways, including CCTV cameras, to help keep your house more secure from intruders.