Cheap Furniture Is Not A Four Letter Word

Cheap Furniture. Even just saying the name fills the mind with images of stuffing hanging out of armrests and springs sticking out of cushion!

Photos By: Pexels

But that’s quite simply not the case anymore. Cheap does not equal inferior, and value can be had nearer the market’s bottom than ever before. Between factory direct sales, manufacturing near raw materials, and the zero-overhead of e-commerce, you can quite easily score a cheap living room set whose price will shock not only you but your guests! Never sacrifice style for savings again when you shop with some of America’s most highly rated furniture makers.

If you still have doubts, do a quick Cost-Benefit Analysis, a little Rate On Investment, if you will, on your living room set. How much time do you spend there? How much do you spend on entertainment and recreation in a month? In a year? What is the lifespan of a couch or recliner? How important is a comfort to you in general? You might spend a few hundred on shoes or many thousands on a car for all the reasons you shouldn’t shy away from investing in your living room furniture. It is called “the living room,” after all, and after the kitchen, it’s where all socializing happens.  

At a glance, the lower end of living room sets starts at just over a grand. Shocking, at first blush, I know- at least to someone like myself who was raised in pretty lean surroundings. We had to rely on free and used furnishings out of necessity, though the hardscrabble mentality persisted long after I could have afforded better. Even my friends who grew up a little more well off seem afflicted with an aversion to spending any more than they have to on their furniture. It’s almost like everyone’s first place they live is furnished as cheaply as possible, and they just sort of get stuck in that rut of always looking for the least expensive, most accessible items to furnish the house. Always from thrift stores, bargain-basement showrooms, or even street side, never daring to dream of something brand new, hand selected to be perfect. 

Well, snap out of it!  

Nothing will unify your space like a set of matching furniture, and there is nothing quite like a brand new for comfort and satisfaction. Even after a few months, when the New Furniture feelings subside, you will be left with something soft, firm, and clean. Then, years later, when life has had its way, modern construction methods mean your cushions won’t be broken down, and the coverings won’t be worn through. Since people tend to wear out furniture until it is literally falling apart, by having chosen the piece carefully from a selection of thousands, it will still be in harmony with the rest of your home long after it has begun to wear down. 

Why wait until the cushions are uncomfortable, a leg has broken off, or there is actual stuffing hanging out to upgrade?  After all, you only have one living room, and it’s where you settle your bones at the end of the day. Make sure you’re picking not just the cheap but quality, too.