Ways to Keep Pests Out of the House

Have you ever had a pest infestation in your home? Here are some way to keep the pests out of your home!

Pests can make your home so uncomfortable and you can end up hating being at home. Therefore, rather than waiting to take defensive actions when pests will already have infested your home, you better be offensive. Prevent pests from entering your home. You can use different methods to keep your home free from pests. There are also effective strategies you can use to remove pests from your home in case you already have them. Read on to discover more ways to keep pests out of the house:

Seal Any Gaps and Cracks

Always inspect your house for any cracks and gaps. These gaps and cracks are common at the doors and at the windows. They can also appear on your house’s exterior. You must seal every crevice as they can encourage pests to hide in and multiply. Cracks on your house’s wall can encourage bed bugs.  Wooden materials like doors and windows can also create a suitable environment for bed bugs.

You would not want to have bed bugs at your house as they can be so uncomfortable. Furthermore, pest control specialists at Pest Resources advise that you avoid having bed bugs at your house as their bites can cause you some weakness. You can also experience some asthmatic attacks with bed bug bites. Bed bug bites can cause rashes, itchiness, burning sensations or even hives.

Inspect your house foundation for any loose signs, gaps at the utility lines and any missing roof shingles. Check whether your water pipes, cable wiring and electrical wiring systems have some gaps. Seal these gaps with coarse steel wool, mortar, sheet metal or copper mesh. However, avoid using expanding caulk as many pests including rodents can chew it and have their way into your house. If your doors and windows are broken or warped, repair them. Eliminate every doors and window that do not fit your house accordingly. Be quick to repair any tears and rips on your screens. They can also encourage pests to hide. You can use screen mesh sizes of suitable sizes like 200 holes for every square inch. All these mesh wires are readily available at your nearest hardware stores.

Dispose Trash and Litter Accordingly

Did you know that garbage can attract pests? You can attract rodents and mosquitoes if you keep dump trash and litter near your house. Raches and ants also thrive in places with litter.  Yard waste also attracts pests. It can act as a hideout or food for different pests. Therefore, ensure you keep all your waste in air-tight containers with tight-fitting lids. Replace dirty cans with clean ones and regularly clean the area where your debris baskets sit to remove any spells. Avoid keeping litter, standing water and plant chippings in your decks, garages, yards and patios. All these can create a suitable environment for pests to live in.

Alternatively, you can store your waste in recyclable bags and containers. After disposing of the waste rinse these bags thoroughly. Also, store your recyclables in waste bins that have tight-fitting lids.  Therefore, rinse all the food items you transfer from your recyclables to the bin. This way you can easily keep your waste bins pest-free. Store wastebaskets outside your garage or home compound to keep pests farther away from your house.

The Right Light Bulbs Can Also Help

You can prevent flying insects from entering your house with the right bulbs around your windows and door areas. Therefore, you can replace all your standard mercury vapour lights with quality high-pressure halogen lights or sodium vapour lights. Choose bulbs that have some orange, pink or yellow tints as they hardly attract any insects. Change the location of your bulbs accordingly. Instead of placing your light bulbs on the wall’s exteriors near the doors, hang them on a pole farther away from the house.

Store All Food in Sealed Containers

Pests like rodents have a good sense of smell. Should you leave your food in open containers,  they’ll go for the food. To avoid such, keep your pantry foods like crackers and cereals in resealable bags or reusable containers. Also, clean your pantry area regularly to avoid attracting pantry-pests that would come to feed on spilt food. Remove any food spills from your pantry.

You can easily keep your house pest-free with the above simple tips. Clean your house regularly to remove any food spills. Keep your house dry as dampness can encourage pests to leave in your house. Keep litter bins away from your home as they can also attract rodents. Be intentional with the light bulbs you use. Effect food storage can also help you prevent pests. Keep your kitchen area clean and well maintained. Remember to check your house foundation for cracks and seal all the crevices which could act as a home for different pest types.