5 Wise Ways To Sell Your House At The Best Price

Wanting to sell your house is different from wanting to sell your home at the best price. Sometimes, sellers don’t know the complexities involved in home-selling!

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Others don’t even realize that what they’re selling is a jewel- that when it’s appraised, it indeed got a high price. They merely sell it for the need of money without even considering their loss. Understandably, not all sellers are professional at selling their homes. That is why they must take some time to study this bold act of home-selling if they want a hassle-free transaction. To avoid short selling their houses or regrets in the future, knowing more about the process of home sale is vital. Therefore, if you plan on selling your real property, you may want to check these seven wise ways to sell your house at the best price possible:

Choose Your Selling Strategy

Picking your selling strategy is critical in home sales because different methods yield various consequences. And they have distinct advantages and disadvantages too. The standard technique to choose from is selling your house on your own or hiring someone’s services to help you sell your home. One of the advantages of the first strategy or option is you get to save on the commission a seller usually pays the real estate agent because you do everything on your own. Commonly, an agent is paid three percent of the purchase price. But if you do it on your own, the entire cost of your house belongs to you.

However, the downside is that you should be ready to negotiate like a professional real estate agent. Otherwise, you won’t get a good deal or a reasonable price for your property. More importantly, be sure to know the process’s details because you’ll have to do everything from finding potential buyers to organizing the necessary documents to negotiating escrow timelines to consulting a lawyer to complete the essential requirements. Thus, if you can do all of these, you’re ready to sell your house by yourself.

On the other hand, if you don’t trust yourself and want a hassle-free transaction, you can ask someone who can help you with your home sale. You may need someone you can trust with handling all the processes without hurting your potential profit. Thus, at Sundae, you’ll get to experience a seller-friendly process that would have your house sold at the best price and provide you peace of mind. The Sundae net proceeds calculator gives you the advantage to gain more profits as they care for you as a valued client. You can take that to consider in choosing a selling strategy.

Make a Research on Your Ideal Buyer

Knowing your ideal buyer is leverage since it helps you sell your home fast and even at a high price. Of course, there are different types of buyers out there in the market with distinct preferences. Indeed, they have contrasting homebuying wants and needs.

For instance, for a residential house or a single-family home, the potential buyers will most likely buy properties already set for move-in and occupation. These buyers don’t usually like to do repairs, even minor ones. They also appreciate if the house has built-in furniture already. Thus, if your house was designed and built as a family home, you could enhance it for the buyers’ better appreciation. This way, you’ll get the best price for your house since you divest your buyer of the burden of improving, renovating, or remodeling the property.

On the other hand, if you merely want to sell your house in an as-is condition, your ideal buyer is a real estate investor. These investors prefer to buy properties in poor condition since part of their business is to revamp and reconstruct these houses. As a seller, you should sell your property to these investors and not to someone whose vision for a home is different because you surely won’t get a great deal from it.

Prepare the Paperwork

Preparing the paperwork is another tedious process in the home sale because home sales involve a transfer of property title. Your municipal authorities will require you to produce crucial documents like appraiser reports, mortgage papers if there’s one, chains of title if the property has been passed on a couple of times already, and insurance documents when applicable.

When these documentation needs were not taken care of, buyers would back off or pursue the purchase but at a lower price. So if you want to get the best price for your house, prepare these documents beforehand.

Make Some Home Improvements

To get the best price for your home sale, you need to make some home improvements in some areas of your property that would likely seal the deal. Thus, focus on mold leaks, foundation deterioration, or wall paints since these are some of the areas in your house that your buyers won’t want to deal with in the first place.

Hire a Reliable Home Inspector

An excellent home inspector report can make a fantastic real estate deal. There are many things a home inspector sees that you don’t see that will positively or negatively affect the sale and purchase price. Thus, hire a reliable and well-experienced home inspector before prospective buyers even begin to view your home.


Selling your house at the best price possible is the goal. But you can’t simply dive into selling without knowing more about it. That is why the five wise ways of home-selling, as mentioned earlier, are provided to guide and help you achieve the goal.