3 Wildflowers Every Gardener Would Love In Their Garden

As the winter months drag on, flower gardeners are already planning their spring flower gardens. Now is a perfect time to do some planning!

Photos By: Freepik

There is no reason your garden has to be the same every year. Experienced gardeners not only know what flower they like, but they also know the purposes behind some selections. Before you begin selecting your flower, seed needs, take some time to do some research. Here are some things to consider:

  • Which flowers in your garden thrived last year and which did not
    • Research the plants that did not. You may have an acidic soil to contend with.  
  • Do you have a lot of Pine trees? This affects your soil. You may want to plant some ground covering plants under them that do well. 
  • Do you live in an area that has a lot of mosquitos?
    • There are plants that repel them
  • Do you want to attract butterflies and Hummingbirds?
    • There are plants that attract them
  • Check your garden site and know how much direct sun and irrigation it gets before you choose your plants. 

Flowers Every Gardener Needs

Showy Milkweed

This plant is a butterfly magnet. If you love the idea of having a butterfly garden, this is a plant to use. Butterflies are nearsighted. They are more easily attracted to flowers that grow in bunches. Unless your intent is to have only butterflies, you will need to plant butterfly attracting plants sparingly. If you overdo it, you could reduce the food supply to your other friends (birds and bees to name two). 

Western Yarrow

The Western Yarrow is a plant that repels mosquitoes. People who live in areas where the temperatures (and bodies of water) encourage the mosquito will find the addition of this plant allows them to enjoy their outdoor garden much more. This plant was used by Native Americans to produce a poultice that would not only keep the mosquito from biting them but also as an antiseptic. 

Agastache Ava

This is a flower that produces a tall spike of deep rose-pink with raspberry-red pods. It is so beautiful that it was chosen 2005 Flower Of The Year. This plant is also known as Hummingbird Mint. It attracts the hyper-winged birds which add to the beauty of your garden and landscapeThis flower is easily grown and is found throughout the United States. It begins to bloom in mid-summer and continues for many months. 

It is important to do some research before you begin planting. You want plants that are beautiful and add to your ecosystem. Know which plants blend well with the plants you already have and be careful not to plant too many plants that have the same properties. Your soil depends on a variety of insects and elements to remain healthy.

Speak to your seed vendor online, look up flowers on free apps available for your smartphone, or get some suggestions from successful gardeners in your neighborhood. If there is one thing a neighbor likes, it is someone who appreciates the beauty of their work and comments on it. 

You still have a little time before you will be ready to plant, so now is the time to gather your supplies and grow your knowledge.